Translation of tightwad in Spanish:


apretado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtaɪtˌwɑd//ˈtʌɪtwɒd/



  • 1

    apretado masculine informal
    apretada feminine informal
    agarrado masculine informal
    agarrada feminine informal
    amarrete masculine South America informal
    amarreta feminine South America informal
    • Sullivan, a notorious tightwad, got permission to use the character for free and it became the team's logo, appearing on everything from stationery to stock certificates.
    • The rest of the time, we're tightwads who turn away as people die in far greater numbers.
    • I am a notorious tightwad and I will avoid paying for a haircut for as long as possible.
    • The tax code attracts tightwads and big spenders alike.
    • Actually, I do realise why - it's because I'm a complete tightwad.
    • Perhaps I was being a tightwad and didn't want to fork out the entrance admission.
    • I would say that parents in our position should not be made out to be tightwads and cheapskates.
    • After a tension-filled pause, Benny, a notorious miser and tightwad, said, ‘I'm thinking, I'm thinking.’
    • Being economical and frugal is one thing, being a tightwad to the detriment of the investment we all have in living here is something else all together.
    • Contrary to belief, money was not flowing in the Cheshire town, the buyers there must be tightwads, and they didn't half pick up some bargains.
    • Stop being a tightwad and go to an internet cafe.
    • Just what is it that makes the stingiest people in Britain pinch the pennies to such extremes that they have won the unenviable moniker of tightwad?
    • Fans of the hit TV show (so that's all of us, then) know what a greedy old tightwad Mr. Burns is.
    • Did anyone ever tell you that you're a tightwad?
    • He portrays himself as a tightwad who is tight on the purse, spends nothing, drops taxes, and holds back on expenditure.
    • This list would really separate the tightwads and showmen from the true givers.
    • After getting dumped by the evil tightwad as whined about in the previous post, I went out and took on some retail therapy.
    • I also am bothered by the tightwads who become rich.
    • ‘It means he's calling you a tightwad,’ Joe supplies helpfully.
    • Is a tightwad necessarily likely to serve you less food?