Translation of timber in Spanish:


madera, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɪmbər//ˈtɪmbə/


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    (para construcción) madera feminine
    (house) (before noun) de madera
    to be managerial/presidential timber tener madera de directivo/presidente
    • timber merchant comerciante maderera
    • timber mill aserradero
    • the timber trade la industria maderera
    • The next stage will involve building 340 timber lodges.
    • Savannah has clearly invested in the corporate look as the furniture and surroundings are streamlined with natural materials: timber, stone, glass and leather.
    • This comprises the aforementioned sauna as well as an attic room with timber floor, wood panelled walls and a Velux window.
    • A man gifted with his hands, he was content and at ease building walls and making timber panels.
    • The rainforest is being cleared legally and illegally for timber, for pulp wood to make paper, and to make way for oil palm plantations.
    • Malaysia is also a major producer of timber and timber products including hardwoods.
    • Having spent four years restoring the cottage, it is now home, from where Richard works as a woodworker making timber buildings and follies.
    • The timber buildings suffered from woodworm and supplied an ideal location for woodlice, spiders and wasps.
    • Building with timber results in lower greenhouse emissions and less air and water pollution, while it also produces less solid waste by-products.
    • One of the problems he faces is access to prepared timber.
    • An abundance of coppice woods, known as spring woods, were required to provide charcoal, tan bark, fuel wood and timber.
    • Traditional timber buildings, craft demonstrations, street entertainers and a replica ship will create an authentic period atmosphere.
    • They cleared some of the natural broadleaf woodland to make way for sheep pastures; they also coppiced or managed other parts of the woodland for timber and firewood.
    • At the rear of the stone building was a small timber extension with a range of further accommodation.
    • Its product, wood, is of primary importance to humans as timber for construction, fuelwoods, and wood-pulp for paper manufacturing.
    • The kitchen beyond is painted blue with red floor tiling and a good range of whitewashed timber units at ground and eye-level.
    • He hadn't seen that kind of quality timber for sale in all his twenty-seven years.
    • The project was a three-year labour of love, in which they raised $60,000 to replace the old timber building.
    • For the author, the craft of building in timber is not so much carpentry as wizardry.
    • On July 2 in that year, a fire swept through the village, destroying dozens of the thatched and timber buildings.
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    árboles (madereros) masculine
    as exclamation timber! ¡cuidado(, que cae)!
    • When Shoaf started out, he loved the woods, the Forest Service, and cutting timber.
    • Much of the timber had been cut for income and the few cows that were there were left to Rose Lane's brother, Alton.
    • But, locally there is plenty of fell land on which we could grow bio-fuel timber, and it might make a change from looking at endless conifers.
    • That's because until seedlings reach green-up, regulations keep adjacent cut blocks of marketable timber off limits to loggers.
    • For example, unexpected medical bills may make it necessary for a landowner to harvest and sell timber that would otherwise have been allowed to grow longer.
    • We can grow twice as much timber on our land if the markets tell us to do so.
    • In some places, great swathes of hillside have been cut away in the urgency to log timber.
    • The ring was even seeking Carey Act segregations on land where timber grew.
    • Their most reliable income comes from cutting timber.
    • Many landowners cut their best remaining timber to supplement their income and feed their families.
    • Beech is a very easy timber to grow on a rotational basis.
    • The branch-cutting of oaks that was common everywhere meant that good timber was ruined.
    • Sixty years later he was amazed that more timber was being cut than during the bonanza era of lumbering.
    • The cooperative has formed forest protection teams that have helped in the confiscation of illegally cut timber.
    • They longed for jobs picking fruit, cutting timber or doing construction - anything besides hanging poultry.
    • Today, top grade oak timber is increasingly hard to find, with borer-perforated trees more suitable for paper or pulpwood.
    • Trees take 80 years to mature and timber is cut every five years, giving a big income boost in that year.
    • The large quantities of timber grown in inland Aberdeenshire were floated down river to ports for shipment.
    • Since only oak met the high requirements of strength and durability, oak timber became a strategic raw material.
    • Coffee can be grown along with high-value timber, for example, or with tropical fruits that could be sold as concentrates or jams.
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    viga feminine
    madero masculine
    • The walls have wooden panelling, the timbers of the roof are exposed and the views over Glasgow are panoramic.
    • Masses of vines spiraled upward against the vertical timbers and covered the thatched roof.
    • The interior features are what make the building so special, with intact original Tudor ironwork and timbers.
    • The result is a charming house full of exposed brick walls and old timbers.
    • There was other, direct, evidence of dry rot in the timbers of the building.
    • Although much of the decking is rotten, the structural timbers are intact giving some parts of the wreck a skeleton appearance.
    • The other comes from the echo that resounds through the timbers and floor-boards.
    • Burnt roof timbers beneath the collapsed tiles show it was destroyed in a fire.
    • Most of the timbers from the ship have now been lifted and are currently being conserved in wet tanks at a disused steelworks nearby.
    • There were also the remains of ship's timbers, nails and other metalwork.
    • The quality of the ship timbers produced by the Samoans did not escape notice.
    • The low, irregular ceiling is crisscrossed with beams made from ships' timbers and a log fire crackles merrily in the hearth.
    • The stairways and the timbers used have had few equals in the present day.
    • Mr Ward said the droppings had blocked the gutters and downpipes on the building, causing water to seep into the roof timbers.
    • This room also features a Georgian fireplace with cast iron inset and exposed black floor timbers.
    • The wreck is wooden, with the timbers laid in a double-diamond pattern.
    • Cedar, fir, and pine were the preferred ship timbers of the ancient Mediterranean.
    • This is the wreck of a very old wooden sailing vessel complete with huge oak timbers, row upon row of copper nails and who knows what else.
    • The house or building is reinforced with timbers supporting the floors inside.
    • Repairs to the plasterwork, timbers, roof and pillars were carried out and the structure was also lime washed.
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    cuaderna feminine