Translation of time limit in Spanish:

time limit

plazo, n.


  • 1

    plazo masculine
    when does the time limit expire? ¿cuándo expira el plazo?
    • to impose a time limit on sth fijar un plazo / una fecha tope para algo
    • Yes, that seems to be the rule and that provides for a time limit of two months.
    • There is a time limit of 42 days to lodge complaints and that time must be very nearly up!
    • Trusts might be able to keep their credits only if they pay out income within a certain time limit.
    • If the invoice needs to be adjusted downward, he must issue a credit note within the time limit.
    • It was a quiet day and it was easily sorted within the set time limit of five hours without water.
    • We are willing to agree to a time limit whereby we find a new stadium within two further seasons.
    • The time frame has to be mentioned because there is such a short time limit within which an application can be made.
    • The project has a time limit, with an initial commitment for this year.
    • The riders have to clear 12 obstacles on the course within a specific time limit.
    • For example, the estimated time limit could be set at five days and the cost per night at £200.
    • The relevant appeal notice will need to be completed in English, within the relevant time limit.
    • The Commission must also fix a time limit for the complainant to submit any further comments in writing.
    • He admits the summary prosecution was not initiated within the legal time limit.
    • However, it did not give Israel a specified time limit within which to respond.
    • The time limit could be broadened so as to encompass the months of July and August.
    • Yet the Commission insisted on the right to extend the time limit to 12 years.
    • This material plainly has to reach the expert and the clause provides that it should do so within a specific time limit.
    • The current time limit is generally six years but does not start for children until they turn 18.
    • In the latter you have to drive a cab around town and make a certain amount of money within the time limit.
    • At the time, he publicly gave the time limit of three months for his plan to succeed.