Translation of time machine in Spanish:

time machine

máquina del tiempo, n.


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    máquina del tiempo feminine
    • But instead of setting her time machine to shoot into the future, she would rather go back in time.
    • It was a messy affair involving a time machine and a mirror.
    • I told Peter that I would love to have a time machine, just so I could go and observe the people who built and used Newgrange.
    • Take the time machine to 2004 and you find another equally rare substance - oil.
    • It is almost as if he has found a time machine and is talking to the actual characters involved which in some way makes the whole thing a bit more interesting.
    • A vivid imagination is the closest we come to a time machine, but it works only by taking us away from the present.
    • Turns out they built a time machine, and swiped armaments from the future.
    • I erred on the side of caution and will be dispatching Iain to the earlier date as soon as a time machine becomes available.
    • Think of the 1930s, and there is only one city where a time machine would drop these pleasure-seekers.
    • To fully understand this, we need to take a trip in the magic time machine back to 2002 and my final year of secondary school.
    • I feel guilty over all that but what can I do except build a time machine, maybe I just don't deserve to be happy.
    • The plan is, if they sell enough, to build a time machine and to go back and try and change the result of the 2004 US election.
    • The time machine then speeds forward into the very distant future.
    • So the convention will only work if someone has already built a time machine.
    • Visitors will be whisked back to 975 AD in a state-of-the-art time machine.
    • Add this to the list of places I want to visit when they invent the time machine.
    • So when we built the time machine it was Ethan who came back from the Future.
    • In the title play, an empty swimming pool becomes a time machine for Sheppard, an architect who is looking to resurrect his dead wife.
    • Both want everything for themselves, neither are taken seriously but only Stuey is capable of building a time machine.
    • Hermione mischievously disrupts the time-space continuum with a time machine which allows her to spy on herself from afar.