Translation of time out in Spanish:

time out

tiempo de descanso, n.

Pronunciation /ˌtaɪm ˈaʊt//ˌtʌɪm ˈaʊt/


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    • 1.1(rest)

      tiempo de descanso masculine
      descanso masculine
      to take (a) time out (from sth) tomarse un descanso (de algo)

    • 1.2timeout" or "time-outSport

      tiempo (muerto) masculine
      to call a timeout pedir tiempo (muerto)
      • With six seconds remaining and no timeouts, the Titans had one play to try to force overtime.
      • Of course, you don't want to suggest a change the day before a crucial game, or in the timeout before a critical free throw.
      • Then, in a plan arranged during a previous timeout and with the game tied, McGrady went straight up the court with 10.4 seconds left.
      • During a timeout in the second quarter, a fan in his 40s threw a football through a hole in a board 25 yards away for $500,000.
      • It was a close game, and the team had no timeouts left.
      • Fast forward to the first timeout during a game when Starks yells at someone for taking an ill-advised shot.
      • That's fine and dandy, but if fans already have sat through a four-quarter game, what are a few more minutes during a timeout or in overtime?
      • Twenty-one seconds is a veritable lifetime in NFL fast-break standards, and with two timeouts left, the final minute of the game would have felt longer than a Fellini film.
      • The Vikings appeared generally unprepared in the first quarter, blowing two timeouts in the game's first four minutes.
      • How unprepared do you have to be to call a defensive timeout before the second play from scrimmage?
      • In the playoffs, at least, everyone goes all out - attend a play-off game and what you see, during timeouts, are sweat-drenched players tugging at their shorts and gasping for breath.
      • With less than six minutes left, Iverson, the smallest man on the court, pounded his hand on the scorer's table during a timeout and guaranteed victory.
      • You are only allowed 3 or 4 timeouts per game, depending upon your league or tournament rules.
      • In international basketball, a coach may request a timeout with the scorers table.
      • Coughlin always has demanded total control, to the extent he doesn't allow any assistant to call a timeout during a game.
      • Those timeouts at the end of the game don't do you any good if they're in your hip pocket.
      • Substitutions rules are different for 20-second timeouts than for full timeouts.
      • In international play you have to register timeouts with the scorer's table.
      • If Manning sees himself running out of time because the defense is playing pre-snap games, he will use a timeout.
      • Do college basketball officials view the glut of timeouts at the end of games as a problem?

    • 1.3

      ¡un momento!
      time out! we're getting off the subject here ¡un momento! nos estamos yendo por las ramas

  • 2timeout

    tiempo de espera masculine