Translation of time span in Spanish:

time span

espacio de tiempo, n.


  • 1

    espacio de tiempo masculine
    periodo de tiempo masculine
    • Second, Taiwan stretched its preparatory period over a longer time span than did China.
    • History has been repeated once more with a time span of sixty years in between the teams.
    • But the wider the time span or the geographic stretch, the harder it is to make many fine distinctions.
    • Such a large time span meant that a number of styles developed within Gothic architecture and it is common to divide these styles into three sections.
    • In a similar vein, police also had to concentrate on a limited time span which focused on the mid-1990s.
    • Who decided on a time span of nine hours and how can they justify this?
    • Maybe I've just naturally reached the end of the time span that I'm able to cope with the sheer monotony of revision and exams.
    • If you know computers, you know that three years is a huge time span.
    • But it became clear that at least five forces, including the two in Yorkshire, would not hit the Government's target in such a short time span.
    • In building scenarios, the group used a time span of 20 years, but some of the scenarios are more futuristic than others.
    • I am not discounting global warming, I just don't see it happening over a time span of a few weeks rather a century or two.
    • London to Manchester fell from 5 days to one day in the same time span.
    • The time span between two censuses can be several years.
    • It is a time span that contains such a variety of genres that such a task would seem to be almost unmanageable.
    • Since the time span of the play covered almost 70 years, three actors played Nellie at the various stages in her life.
    • This does mean that we will be making that delivery later in the day and over a longer time span.
    • Three to four years is the usual time span for the player-caddy relationship.
    • An experiment on this scale has never done before, let alone in such a short time span.
    • Forty years is also a time span of special significance in several other civilizations.
    • We do not know who wrote most of them but they cover a time span of 150 years so they could not have all been written by Hippocrates.