Translation of time warp in Spanish:

time warp

salto en el tiempo, n.


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    salto en el tiempo masculine
    • Fascinating though his company was, I thought him then an archaic figure, caught in a time warp with excessively reactionary views.
    • Crossing over to the eastern half of the country is like entering a time warp.
    • Cynics out there stuck in their own time warp who chose to oppose this excellent new move will soon learn it is the way forward.
    • That Georgia has moved beyond the time warp that for so long kept it wedded to 1956 is good news for the rest of the nation.
    • Looking at the current outbreak of hostage taking in Iraq, it seems as if we have entered a terrifying time warp.
    • History is the great leveller of mankind and to see the pre-historic aboriginal rock art, is to enter a time warp.
    • Health trends come and go, and while some may appear to be locked in a time warp, what was once deemed to be the gospel truth is often stood on its head by new research.
    • And never mind the professional strides many St Lucian women have made, the nation seems caught in a time warp.
    • Conversely, some towns and cities are stuck in a time warp, with declining trade leading to empty shop properties and a consequent gap in the retail offer.
    • Not that the nuclear complex remains caught in a time warp.
    • How else to explain why discerning, well-heeled travellers are attracted to a tiny, scrubby island stuck in a 1970s time warp?
    • The caravan interiors seemed to be stuck in a 1960s time warp, with pink velvet seats, patterned carpets and lots of teak furniture.
    • This dimension, his own creation where he could move freely outside his time warp, was still all in his head.
    • I don't want to drift into a nostalgic time warp, but I've no doubt that technological advances are spoiling some sports.
    • Anyone who remembers with fondness the strike ridden 70's and early 80's must think they've stepped through a time warp.
    • It was like coming out on the other side of a time warp.
    • What's been rediscovered in recent years is authentic Cuban culture, a culture that survives in Cuba in a time warp.
    • As a bookworm caught in a time warp I would have had greater chances at popularity if I'd come from another planet.
    • Watching Sky Sports the other night was like moving into a time warp.
    • Are some sections of the community stuck in a time warp?