Translation of timeshare in Spanish:


multipropiedad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʌɪmʃɛː//ˈtaɪmˌʃɛr/


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    multipropiedad feminine
    tiempo compartido masculine
    (apartment/property) (before noun) en multipropiedad
    (apartment/property) (before noun) en tiempo compartido
    • To augment his meager living stipend he was handing out flyers for timeshares when he met a tourist from Tokyo.
    • Are upmarket timeshares a costly extravagance or a fabulous home from home?
    • In the United States, timeshares sell for an average of $14,500, which can be paid off with mortgage-like monthly payments.
    • There is legislation protecting you if you buy timeshares and there are many reputable timeshare companies.
    • With supply far outstripping demand, you can find your dream timeshare at perhaps half what the original buyer paid, minus a couple of already used weeks.
    • Holiday clubs are marketed as a flexible alternative to timeshare, promising a lifetime of discounted luxury holidays anywhere in the world.
    • The court also heard he had 14 bank accounts in various names and timeshares in Florida and Portugal.
    • I do not want to buy any timeshare and that's final.
    • With seasonal ownership schemes or timeshare you have to be happy that your two weeks holiday per year will have a very high premium.
    • At the hearing of the appeal Mr Carter said that timeshare had been only one of his ideas for the development of the property, and that Mrs Bosi had been wrong in supposing that he wanted it as his home.
    • They still lost more than £6,000, after being forced to sell their timeshare when the deal with Palmer was dishonoured.
    • There are also traditional resort-style timeshares to buy or swap for a cabin aboard major cruise ships.
    • One neighbour claimed this week that Mr. Smith told him he ran a limousine hire company and video rental outlet in England, a jet-ski operation in Spain and dabbled in timeshare in France.
    • Then there is the cost of getting to your timeshare.
    • Some of the most unscrupulous people imaginable work in sales environments that thrive on captive audiences: timeshare, double glazing and energy salespeople.
    • Beware of timeshare and especially holiday club deals.
    • Referring to the findings of a study into the community benefits of timeshare, Mrs Johns called for greater awareness of the positive impact of this tourism industry sector.
    • He said Middleton owned several properties including two premises in Darlington and had timeshares in Florida and Portugal.
    • Unlike timeshares, buyers own a condo-hotel unit outright and can place it in a rental pool when they are not resident, allowing the possibility for rental revenue.
    • ‘We say to them that there may come a point when they want to exchange their properties, but they say to us we are not timeshare we are seasonal owners,’ he said.
    • His con involved promising customers that timeshares already owned would be sold to defray some of the cost of buying into one of his resorts.
    • The longest jobs he's had were for a company making kitchens and as a salesman of timeshares.
    • If I had an extra vacation mansion or even a timeshare within a Sunday cruise of here, I'd invite you and Judy up there for a long weekend, sure.
    • The victims were promised the timeshares they already owned would be sold, to defray some of the cost of buying into one of Palmer's 12 resorts on Tenerife.
    • Trade descriptions, mock auctions, timeshare, unfair terms in consumer contracts, doorstep selling, distance selling, package travel and consumer credit all come within the scope of the legislation.
    • There is, however, an exclusion to this rule for timeshares of less than two weeks per annum where no rent will be presumed.
    • In the past decade, millions have invested in seasonal homes, from wholly owned multimillion-dollar mansions in Michigan to two-week timeshares in Florida.
    • Problems with timeshare and holiday clubs are one of the largest sources of complaints for European Consumers Centres.
    • Most of the schemes in Tenerife are timeshare, so there isn't a lot of freehold property.
    • The second is that promotions are invariably connected with timeshare or holiday clubs.
    • I sell timeshares on castles in Spain, but I'm extending into this.
    • It has a joint venture timeshare and resort business, for example, and has a new management contract with the hotel group.
    • The whole lot of them have been sprayed with more whitewash than a Costa Brava timeshare.
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    (property) multipropiedad feminine

    parte en una multipropiedad