Translation of timing in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtaɪmɪŋ//ˈtʌɪmɪŋ/


  • 1

    (choice of time)
    the timing of the election la fecha escogida para las elecciones
    • the timing of the action was disastrous la acción fue de lo más inoportuna
    • that was good timing: we've just arrived calculaste muy bien el tiempo: acabamos de llegar
    • his timing is excellent: he always arrives when we're about to eat es de lo más oportuno: siempre llega cuando estamos a punto de comer
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    sincronización feminine
    • So Tharanga, a left-hander with sweet timing, is set to open throughout the tournament.
    • While you may be pulling off various crazy tricks, they all require good timing and excellent control.
    • It was terribly convenient timing and sparked what has become an ingrained cynicism in my attitude.
    • The existence of the distinction in relation to timing of the notice can, however, be maintained.
    • On its easiest level, it simply requires basic timing to crank a ball into the outfield or over a fence.
    • The timing of his remarks, so close to Gordon Brown's pre-Budget statement tomorrow, is telling.
    • The path to South America was open for so long that timing is not really an issue.
    • The skill lies in the anticipation of his movements and the timing of your response.
    • Having stressed the importance of timing, the need to read the questions carefully must also be highlighted.
    • In the closing stages his timing was absolutely perfect when he advanced to deny Nigel Dineen of a certain goal.
    • He didn't look up when the door to his suite opened - the maids here had awful timing and no sense to knock.
    • You might be surprised at the interest level and you would have control of the timing.
    • Above all this he seems to have a sense of timing, of occasion.
    • He also has a wonderful sense of timing, and control over both his material and the audience.
    • The judge had no option to sentence to death for murder and no control over the timing of the execution unless he ordered a respite.
    • Upon closer examination, it seems that both their timing and their aim were off the mark.
    • It's a lesson and challenge for young animators, in that he gets the movement and timing so exquisitely right.
    • Nevertheless predicting the size and timing of each movement always proves elusive.
    • We seek some guidance from the Court in relation to the timing of tomorrow and I want to mention one other matter.
    • The timing in the scenes is close to perfection, as is the balance of the supporting characters.
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    Sport Music
    ritmo masculine
    a comedian with brilliant timing un cómico con un genial sentido de la oportunidad
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    Motor Vehicles
    check/adjust the timing revise/ajuste la chispa / el encendido
    • before noun timing gear engranaje de distribución
    • The cylinder timing was on but a bit slow on a couple of the stops, but it was still on and working.
    • He also believes the effect on engines with variable valve timing will be even greater.
    • If the ignition timing is retarded, the engine will not burn the fuel efficiently.
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    (measurement of time)
    cronometraje masculine
    before noun timing mechanism / device mecanismo de relojería masculine