Translation of tincture in Spanish:


tintura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɪŋ(k)tʃə//ˈtɪŋ(k)(t)ʃər/


  • 1

    tintura feminine
    tincture of iodine tintura de yodo
    • These mention only prescriptions like rhubarb, the blue pill, Dover's powder, tinctures and leeches listed in any contemporary European dispenser.
    • They can come in a wide range of formulations - including syrups, tinctures, lotions, inhalations, gargles and washes.
    • Podofilox and podophyllum in tincture of benzoin are available.
    • Our tincture of opium of today was developed from Sydenham's laudanum.
    • For instance, as a way of warding off grey hair, our anonymous beautician suggests a tonic of 1oz of castor oil, tincture of jaborandi (an American shrub) and 3oz of bay rum, applied every other night.
    • The second tincture, a combination of common mallow, English yew and yarrow called AMT, tackles the emotional and energetic causes of the condition.
    • In 1944, I used to treat my Parkinsonism patients with tincture of stramonium (from jimsonweed) which was the only drug that we had.
    • Powdered roots and tinctures are sold in health-food stores and some supermarkets.
    • Having said that, my last ear infection was treated in part with a tincture of vinegar and medicine suspended in oil (yes, I dropped vinaigrette in my ear).
    • No, it is not the tincture of laudanum I placed in my thin gruel.
    • She bought a small bottle of stinging nettle tincture and placed one eyedropper-full twice a day under her tongue.
    • It promises relief but beware - read the notes on the box before taking the tincture or you could finish up with more ailments than a raging hypochondriac
    • During the nineteenth century, laudanum, made from a tincture of opium, was a popular sleeping aid, but it was known to be fatal in large doses.
    • Convenient alternatives include tinctures and pills, which are readily available in natural food stores.
    • To make it go down more easily, she suggests mixing the tincture with a morning glass of orange juice.
    • As to the tincture of opium (commonly called laudanum) that might certainly intoxicate if a man could bear to take enough of it; but why?
    • Skin should be prepared with 1 or 2 percent tincture of iodine or povidone iodine for incision, suture and collection of blood for culture.
    • Police discovered ten bottles of barbiturate and amphetamine capsules plus some tincture of Opium in front of the offices in a plastic carrier bag.
    • The tincture of opium might be useful, I supposed, for despair.
    • A decoction, infusion or tincture of the seeds is useful in nervous debility, hysteria and other nervous disorders.
  • 2literary

    tinte masculine
    dejo masculine
    • The moon cast long fingers across their pale faces, splashing argent tinctures over a thousand powdered cheeks.
    • This is a rather odd interpretation of the film since the barest tincture of right-wing patriotism as a theme is nowhere to be found in it.