Translation of tinder-dry in Spanish:


extremadamente seco, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtɪndərdraɪ/


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    extremadamente seco
    • In tinder-dry conditions, the fire service could do without reckless idiots setting fires just for the hell of it.
    • At least ten fires have been started deliberately on the estate at a time when tinder-dry conditions ensured they would spread rapidly across the nearby ground.
    • Large areas of Lancashire's tinder-dry moorland could be closed off in a bid to reduce the number of fires.
    • After the usual preliminaries a smiling countrywoman appeared, bearing a platter on which nestled a large sea bass in a bed of tinder-dry brushwood gathered from the beach.
    • But at the end of last year, rainfall in the large eastern state of New South Wales was well below average - up to 90 percent lower in some areas - and the widespread woods and heath-lands were tinder-dry.
    • Temperatures yesterday were well below the 38 degrees Celsius forecast, but meteorologists and local officials warned scorching weather could return and stoke fires in forests that remain tinder-dry.
    • Earlier this week a number of fires broke out on Yorkshire moorland as the shortage of prolonged rain since January created tinder-dry conditions.
    • I have been looking at probably, I would say, maybe 15 or 20 different separate areas where now these sparks have engaged, obviously, this very, very tinder-dry area.
    • After phoning for help, he decided that the smart move in the tinder-dry Sierra Nevada National Park was to start a big fire to show his rescuers where he was.
    • Fire chiefs have warned the public to be vigilant after tinder-dry conditions led to huge moorland fires across Yorkshire.
    • The forest is still tinder-dry, even after the rain in the past two days, and authorities are concerned if they are there and are cooking and using candles it could accidentally spark a fire and put park users and nearby houses at risk.
    • Over recent weeks there has been a huge increase in the number of farm fires around Stanford-le-Hope and Bowers Gifford, many of them made worse by the tinder-dry conditions of fields.
    • Those tiny trees provide no shade to speak of, and so underbrush has multiplied, creating a choking, groundlevel brush that turns tinder-dry during a hot, dry summer like we've had this year.
    • Natural oak woodlands are highly resistant to fire, but masses of tinder-dry dead trees could fuel catastrophic burns - many in areas thickly populated by people.
    • With rural communities and businesses still emerging from the legacy of the foot-and-mouth crisis, they fear visitors could be barred from tinder-dry moors and were pinning their hopes on rain forecast for today and tomorrow.
    • The already tinder-dry vegetation is further parched by the warm Santa Ana winds which blow in from the desert every year and also fuel any wildfires the moment they break out.
    • That's obviously just tinder-dry conditions out there.
    • You must always fight ‘fire with fire’ to ensure that there is no build-up of tinder-dry fuels.
    • At latest count, fires had burned a total of more than 18,675 acres of tinder-dry grass and low-lying scrub.
    • I stuffed the bottle with scraps of paper and tinder-dry sticks of which there was a plentiful supply.