Translation of tinny in Spanish:


metálico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtɪni//ˈtɪni/

adjectivetinniest, tinnier

  • 1

    (sound) metálico
    • The dialogue is often difficult to hear and the music sounds tinny and flat.
    • In comparison, the original mono track is distorted, indistinct, and terribly tinny, but for preservation's sake, it is nice to see it included here.
    • I say again: the sound is dreadful - terribly aged, degraded, compressed, tinny, and just overall awful sounding.
    • There was a tinny crash as the prisoner threw his metal bowl of slop at the wall, followed by the complaints of the other prisoners.
    • The sum of £50,000 being quoted would have been better spent on giving the town hall a decent set of chimes to replace the present tinny sound of the bells.
    • It clanged to the ground making a tinny metallic sound.
    • Armed with my positive memory, I pushed the play button on my own small, tinny stereo, in the hope that my mood would improve.
    • By contrast, the 2.0 track is nowhere as good, often sounding flat and tinny.
    • The cheesy dialogue is poorly mixed, often sounding tinny and hushed.
    • I loved knowing that the music I was playing and the words I was speaking were in people's homes and cars, in the kitchen at restaurants or on tinny boomboxes in freshman dorm rooms.
    • Guns firing sound like they're coming from the back of a cave; music sounds tinny, as if you're listening to an AM radio station.
    • It is completely overmodulated, distorted, tinny, and terribly noisy.
    • It would appear that only the speaker covers are large and that the actual speakers are tiny, since the sound quality is tinny and poor when playing back music.
    • It features the rather tinny sound of a ball dropping into a hole.
    • The broadcasts always ended with a spookily-cheery valediction of ‘Good-bye, dear listeners’ and a tinny recording of the Internationale.
    • Isn't she that annoying bimbo with the tinny voice who constantly hangs around him?
    • Just one listen and you are teleported back to a day of reverb guitars, tinny bass and minimalist drums.
    • Dialogue often sounded unnaturally tinny, as though people were speaking from within a metallic tube.
    • The rooms were perfect in every detail, with hot and cold running taps in every bedroom, dimmer light-switches and wirelesses that actually seemed to be making a barely decipherable tinny broadcast.
    • The sound was tinny and the picture was black and white.
  • 2

    (of cheap metal)
    (car/stove) de lata
    • Some metals have that cheap, tinny feel to them and this is not one of them.
    • There is an urgent need for us to focus on tagging, vandal damage, and tinny houses.
  • 3

    (taste) a lata
    (taste) metálico
    it tastes tinny tiene gusto a lata
    • Blueberries lose it completely, developing an actively unpleasant, tinny taste that even mountains of sugar can't mask.
    • Its tinny taste failed to inspire drinkers to stay and by 1984 wasn't even one of the ten most popular sodas in the U.S. anymore.
    • I could both smell and taste the tinny metallic taste of blood.
    • There was an unpleasant tinny taste in his mouth.
    • Behind the dish's overwhelming dose of lime juice, the broth was tinny and under-salted and left an unpleasant, lingering taste that I associate with the pre-prepared garlic paste you buy in jars.