Translation of tip-off in Spanish:


dato, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɪpɒf//ˈtɪp ˌɔf/


  • 1

    (inside information)
    dato masculine
    soplo masculine informal
    chivatazo masculine Spain informal
    • Police investigating the murder have set up an e-mail address for people to leave information or post anonymous tip-offs.
    • The confidential tip-off line has also helped clear thousands of pounds worth of drugs off the streets.
    • However, officials, acting on tip-offs from members of the public who call a dedicated hotline, will also target smokers who continue to light up in spite of efforts by publicans to discourage them.
    • They are relying on tip-offs, hunches and information from the public.
    • The arrest came two months after police launched an internal investigation after a tip-off that a journalist had infiltrated the ranks.
    • A tip-off led to three of Swindon's heroin and crack dealers being jailed on February 2.
    • Some arrests had been made after tip-offs from members of the public disgusted after seeing blatantly drunk people getting in their cars.
    • The money is put up by Crimestoppers, the national charity set up to persuade people to inform on criminals via telephone tip-offs.
    • Detectives now hope others will come forward with tip-offs that will lead to arrests in cases of the other five missing women, which have baffled Gardai for more than a decade.
    • Almost £60,000 of benefit fraud has been investigated in the Braintree area as a direct result of tip-offs to a confidential hotline.
    • Five of the false applications were highlighted by the council during routine cross-referencing of records and the other two cases were uncovered by officers investigating tip-offs from members of the public.
    • Police have urged residents to keep calling them with information after a tip-off led to an arrest.
    • And police today praised the high quality of information from tip-offs which has led to the surge in arrests.
    • The designated sacrifice is discovered after tip-offs lead pursuers to his hideout.
    • Crimestoppers Trust, the national charity which enables people to leave anonymous tip-offs to catch criminals, is encouraging people with information about persistent drink and drug drivers to call the hotline.
    • Intelligence is already at an all-time high and it is up to officers to refine the tip-offs they receive and turn them into information that can result in an arrest.
    • Craig is sure the raid was prompted by a malicious tip-off from someone he had barred from the pub.
    • But a tip-off led Queensland police to the suburban home where she was staying.
    • As well as advising retailers, the county-wide campaign will also target a number of shops after anonymous tip-offs from members of the public.
    • If you have tip-offs or confidential information about possible terrorist activity, call the police anti-terrorist hotline.
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    (telltale sign)
    claro indicio masculine