Translation of tipstaff in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtɪpstæf//ˈtɪpstɑːf/

nounPlural tipstaffs

  • 1

    (in UK)
    funcionario de un tribunal encargado del orden
    • So you couldn't just have a tipstaff or a sheriff or a jury officer say to the potential jurors, ‘Look, you guys surf the net, or not?’
    • Let us assume, for example, that an associate has shares in a company that is a litigant and that the tipstaff's mother has invested in it.
    • Civil injunctions are enforced by the court staff and not by the police, but there is no means of calling out the tipstaff or bailiff at midnight on a Saturday night to deal with a drunken partner.
    • The American cases have examined these sorts of issues and we have provided your Honours' tipstaffs with some material which we will come to shortly.
    • The whole judicial hierarchy, from the highest presidents in the parlements to the humble tipstaff in the obscurest rural jurisdiction, bought their positions.