Translation of tipsy in Spanish:


achispado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtɪpsi//ˈtɪpsi/

adjectivetipsiest, tipsier

  • 1

    achispado informal
    to get tipsy achisparse informal
    • He also knew that I'd never, ever turn up for work even slightly tipsy.
    • Being slightly tipsy, he forgot to put on his white gloves at the start of the parade.
    • Damien was also pleased to notice she was slightly tipsy on her feet.
    • In the 25 years I've known her, I have only seen her drunk once and tipsy thrice.
    • I was slightly tipsy as I'd had a few more glasses of that punch.
    • He just quietly got on with his own slightly tipsy form of people-watching.
    • Suddenly, a slightly tipsy Alex slipped an arm around her and crushed her to him.
    • A slightly tipsy poet can't blame his cat for wanting to join in the fun.
    • There can't have been one Christmas since 1982 that I haven't been tipsy if not out-and-out drunk.
    • You may remember that I spent most of the ball slightly tipsy and at the same time I was trying to quit smoking.
    • Chinese attitudes towards alcohol have always been fairly relaxed, and to be slightly tipsy is not a disgrace.
    • Last year I got slightly tipsy, threw up a number of times and remembered next to nothing.
    • I got back to the dorm half an hour later, slightly tipsy, and wanting my boyfriend's arms around me.
    • I'm slightly tipsy and I have chicken grease and hot piri-piri sauce running down my face.
    • All this is accompanied by a bottle of the restaurant's own champagne making us slightly tipsy and drowsy.
    • A lot of very civilised, if slightly tipsy, wine tasting and cheese eating followed.
    • Have the tipsy revellers in the back row of pews at midnight mass come to share the wonder of the virgin birth?
    • He held the glass in a slightly tipsy toast, speaking to the picture in a slightly slurred voice.
    • I still haven't understood why I get tipsy in a couple of glasses of wine but I can drink gallons of other things before it makes a difference.
    • She technically shouldn't be consuming alcohol but let's be realistic - she may get a bit tipsy at some stage.