Translation of titillating in Spanish:


excitante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtɪtɪleɪtɪŋ//ˈtɪdlˌeɪdɪŋ/


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    (sexually exciting)
    • There's no voyeuristic, titillating side to the film.
    • In past albums the titillating message was overshadowed by a bouncy, girlish beat and image.
    • I had heard strange, titillating details about Morrison's life, and wanted to voyeuristically experience them.
    • Yet there is more here than just titillating visuals.
    • What is gained in the new photographs is something more titillating, however - a representation of love that transcends the physical and leaves more to the imagination.
    • It is this that lends her mildly titillating fiction the veneer of importance.
    • What makes the movie intriguing (and worthy of this DVD series) is the love story, which is both titillating and sweet in spite of its inherent impropriety.
    • Whilst some may find this titillating we cannot but regard it with abhorrence.
    • And everyone seems ever more determined to expose themselves, transforming titillating tales into their fifteen minutes of TV-chatter fame.
    • This is certainly the message that comes through in the titillating images of women as both vamp and virgin that dominate our film and television media.
    • By the time that same child is 18 years old, approximately 40,000 sexually titillating scenes will have been viewed.
    • It's not an erotic, titillating scene, nor is it meant to be.
    • The titillating details that have emerged about their four-month fling have also made the story irresistible.
    • Wrapped around the chat-show elements are snippets of supposedly adult education programmes and gratuitous shots of semi-nude women in titillating situations.
    • Sure, crass commercialism has pushed the mainstream media into an obsession with titillating stories about celebrities.
    • As for the film being racy, raunchy or titillating, there's utterly nothing groundbreaking here.
    • In one of the book's most titillating revelations, she writes about engaging in sexual threesomes.
    • And users, many of whom are quick to express concerns about the porn on the net, aren't very forthcoming when you ask whether they're looking at titillating images.
    • While never titillating or exploitive, the love shared between Lana and Brandon is honest and very moving.
    • The titillating subject brought the crowds in, no doubt, but the film is not really salacious.
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