Translation of titter in Spanish:


reírse disimuladamente, v.

Pronunciation /ˈtɪdər//ˈtɪtə/

intransitive verb

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    reírse disimuladamente
    • Later on the custom was abolished because vulgar people tittered and the dignity of the elephants or their mahouts was wounded.
    • The crowd of Recruits behind Sam tittered with amusement.
    • He read the passage in his Southern drawl as Jay and the audience tittered.
    • But even beyond that, she had a great sense of humor, and while the other women tittered, she had a rich, throaty laugh.
    • He riffed on that theme while the crowd tittered.
    • The rest of the class tittered as I told him in my sternest teacher voice that we would be having a class bathroom break once everyone was quiet and in his seat.
    • Women tittered nervously at the implications of age and sexual boundaries.
    • His daughter tittered behind her slim, white hand.
    • They tittered and hurried away into a room behind them.
    • They squeaked and tittered and scolded each other.
    • All dressed in lovely spring gowns, the young women giggled and tittered, no better than my twelve-year-old sister.
    • The class tittered in silent laugher and low snickers.
    • When he proclaimed that ‘God is still sovereign, no matter what federal judges say,’ the crowd tittered and applauded.
    • The audience titters nervously, not laughing with the melodrama, but at it.
    • Yes the Boss was there in his ‘casual’ clothes, making sure he had a word or two with everyone, making jovial quips that we all tittered to and then wished that either you or he were somewhere else.
    • As he disappeared down the train all the chaps tittered.
    • The rest of the audience tittered as the main character made baby-noises and hopped across stage, pausing and turning to stare at the enraptured hundreds at every step.
    • Anyway, she told this joke that I thought was so funny I hooted with laughter, which was quite embarrassing as the rest of the audience only tittered politely.
    • Brown flashed a knowing look into the gallery, and a few people, for want of a better word, tittered.
    • Call me a cynic, but I tittered when I heard a rumour that a high street bank considering sponsoring student comedy shows.

transitive verb

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    decir con una risita ahogada


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    risita ahogada feminine