Translation of titular in Spanish:


nominal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtɪtʃələr//ˈtɪtjʊlə/


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    (leader/head) nominal
    • His position as chief executive was seemingly titular under Johnson, as he was never implicated in any of the police or FA investigations.
    • The Queen, titular head of the Church of England, received him at Buckingham Palace.
    • It is inconceivable that a future King of England would consider marrying outside his own Church, since the moment he assumes the throne, he will become the titular head of the Church of England.
    • To refuse to blame the system is to assume a certain power, the way a pretender assumes a royal title or titular duchy or two.
    • They bear symbolic, titular power whilst real power has migrated elsewhere.
    • The imperial court in Kyoto was downgraded to a purely titular power.
    • However, his leadership is more titular than real.
    • Burt also confirmed he would step down from his role as governor of the Bank of Scotland, a titular post formerly held by Sir Jack Shaw, but that a successor will not be announced until early January.
    • After all, Prince Charles will be, one day, if he becomes king, titular head of the Church of England.
    • The Queen could perform a useful constitutional role, as titular Head of State, but there's no reason on earth why they should continue to enjoy their wealth simply because we don't want the bother of electing a President.
    • The strength of this study can be found in its identification of themes that board chairs utilize to enhance their ability to assume a true leadership position rather than simply fulfilling a titular role.
    • Prince Charles will be titular head of the Church of England if he becomes monarch, which we all hope he will one day.
    • The presidency would become increasingly titular and ceremonial, relying on advisors to run the day to day affairs of government.
    • Come to think of it, if I was a socialist leader (in a real and not titular sense), and Castro had saved me from a coup attempt while offering free doctors and so on, I don't know that I would turn it down.
    • For Penny, a largely titular position and tolerance of lax management seem out of character.
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    (estate/possessions) correspondiente a un título
    (estate/possessions) correspondiente a un título nobiliario
    (estate/possessions) correspondiente a un título de nobleza