Translation of TNT in Spanish:


TNT, n.


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    TNT masculine
    • Commerically important nitro compounds include nitrobenzene; nitrotoluenes; dinitrobenzenes; nitrochlorobenzenes; 2,4, 6 - trinitrotoluene (better known as the explosive TNT); nitroglycerin, and picric acid.
    • In all cases, chemical explosives such as 2,4, 6 - trinitrotoluene, black powder (potassium nitrate, sulfur, charcoal), liquid gasoline, or natural gas were involved.
    • The suspect is charged with providing information on where to obtain trinitrotoluene to a member of the Army's Strategic Reserves Command, Second Corp.
    • ‘When arrested, they were carrying ready-to-explode bombs consisting of detonators, batteries, trinitrotoluene, black powder, bullets from FN-type pistols and metal scraps inside waist-bags,’ he said.
    • In combination with nitric acid, toluene gives trinitrotoluene.
    • The explosives, consisting of trinitrotoluene, potassium chlorate, sulfur and aluminum powder, were transported by a white delivery cargo van, the same vehicle used in the bombing attack, he said.
    • He said most of the materials found in two backpacks in the house was trinitrotoluene, a toxic chemical compound used in high explosives, such as that used in last month's bombing.
    • Promising results have been obtained with plants expressing bacterial enzymes to detoxify trinitrotoluene, or overexpressing a plant enzyme to degrade trichlorphenol and other phenolic compounds.
    • The problem here is conventional TNT (2,4, 6 - trinitrotoluene), which is cheap, effective, and widely prevalent in mines.
    • Nitric acid is used in the production of fertilizers (after the nitric acid is turned into ammonium nitrate), dyes, explosives [including trinitrotoluene (TNT)], various polymers (such as nylon and terylene), and some drugs.
    • According to the spokesman, some detainees have been suspected of providing detonator cords and trinitrotoluene for the bomb attack on the Australian Embassy in Jakarta in September last year, which killed 10 people.
    • On Thursday, he said the blast was caused by a car bomb containing trinitrotoluene and sulfur.
    • A large truck loaded with tons of trinitrotoluene and masked with sacks of cement approached a group of administrative buildings in the regional center of Znamenskoie.
    • Scientists have developed a new polymer that greatly increases the sensitivity of chemical detection systems for explosives such as trinitrotoluene.
    • Probably the most devastating predicament to the munitions industrial base is in the production of trinitrotoluene or TNT, which is the major component of the explosive fill used in Air Force bombs.
    • With World War I looming, nitrogen was also in demand for the production of trinitrotoluene and other explosives.
    • He also said his laboratory had identified the explosive materials as trinitrotoluene, Research Development Explosives and High Melting Explosive.