Translation of toe in Spanish:


dedo, n.

Pronunciation: /toʊ//təʊ/


  • 1

    (of foot)
    dedo masculine
    I dipped a toe in the water metí la punta del pie en el agua
    • from head / tip / top to toe de pies a cabeza
    • to be on one's toes estar / mantenerse alerta
    • to keep sb on her/his toes hacer que algn se mantenga alerta
    • you'll find a baby will keep you on your toes ya verás cómo un bebé te tiene al trote
    • to stand/go toe to toe with sb estar a la altura de algn
    • to step / tread on sb's toes (offend) ofender a algn
    • He had distinctive brown eyebrows, wore dentures and was missing the big toe on his right foot.
    • If you put your index finger between your big toe and your second toe and then slide it up an inch toward your ankle, you can feel a pulse.
    • He has broken the metatarsal bone alongside big toe, one of five such bones in each foot.
    • The videos show the fetus's fingers and toes, hair, muscles, facial features, and genitals and show it sucking a thumb or moving about.
    • You may develop ulcerations on your lower legs, ankles, feet or toes.
    • It can affect anywhere but usually attacks the big toes or feet and ankles.
    • I had a jagged edge on the toenail on my big toe and it got caught in the heavy comforter on the bed while I was asleep and pulled half of my toenail off.
    • The foot is normally structured so that the big toe is naturally in line with the long bone leading up to it (the first metatarsal) and all the toes spread outwards from this.
    • A corn usually occurs on the tops of toes, especially the little toe, while a callus is found on the bottom of the foot.
    • The pressure from the big toe pushing inwards affects the other toes.
    • I type this having regained the feeling in my fingers, toes, trapezius, gluteus maximus and cerebral cortex.
    • But you can also have bursitis by your knee, heel and even in the base of your big toe.
    • Seven months ago, Joe awoke from a sound sleep with an awful pain in his big toe.
    • I have a giant blister on the bottom of my big toe and my feet still hurt.
    • Though the toes of the human foot are generally not capable of independent or precise movement, the flexor muscles of the big toe are vital to our gait.
    • To do toe taps, all the toes are lifted off the floor and, keeping the heel on the floor and the outside four toes in the air, the big toe is tapped to the floor repetitively.
    • The surgery repaired a torn tendon that attached his big toe to his right foot.
    • A bunion occurs as a result of a deformity in the big toe known as hallux valgus, where hallux means the big toe and valgus means abnormal bending towards the other toes.
    • Paul described how surgeons formed a new thumb on his right hand from the big toe on the foot that they had amputated hours earlier.
    • Up until now a lot of attention has been paid to the effect of these shoes on the formation of bunions and on problems of the middle foot and big toe.
    • I grabbed onto the ledge just outside the window and started climbing down by squeezing the toes of my sneakers into the nooks of the brick building.
    • Cloth shoes do not provide this protection, nor does footwear with open toes and/or heels.
    • Then there was the rider from California who wore high fashion boots with pointy toes and four inch spike heels.
    • I looked away from him and studied the toes of my sneakers as I tried to remember life before Dean.
    • Also known as slides, these types of shoes feature open heels or toes, and come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors.
    • The duo behind the jeans has come out with a line of the most adorable mocs yet, featuring brightly colored fur lining and whimsical beaded designs on the toe.
    • Little turquoise straps secure an apple-green sole, squared-off at the toe.
    • The trend in dress shoes is more of a square toe, rather than wingtips.
    • Put powder in shoes, making sure to sift down into the toes.
    • For the office, leather soles with closed toes are a fashion statement.
    • She looked down at the thick carpet of her room, digging the toe of her sneakers into the floral pattern.
    • Here's another pair of ankle boots, only these boast a pointier toe.
    • Her white woolen dress hung low, almost covering the toes of her own leather boots.
    • Anyway, just make sure they're flat and have a round toe and no strap.
    • She wore long black stockings and one of her shoes was missing a sole and the other had a hole near the toes.
    • If you make the toes a different colour, you needn't worry about having the fading match or the dye lots and you can just keep knitting new toes as required.
    • I dropped my cigarette to the ground and put it out with the toe of my sneakers.
    • Her cloths weren't new, they were old and worn in and had holes in the knees and elbows and the toes of her sneakers were taped crudely.
    • She was wearing a pair of ankle-high, chocolate-colored suede boots with narrow toes and tall, stiletto heels.
    • I especially love the pointy toes and kitten heels, giving it extra style and some height, making it distinctly feminine.

    del pie

  • 2

    (of sock) punta feminine
    (of shoe) puntera feminine
    (of shoe) punta feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (ball) tocar con la punta del pie
    to toe the line / mark acatar la disciplina