Translation of tog out in Spanish:

tog out

vestir, v.

(tog up)

phrasal verb


  • 1

    to get togged out / up vestirse
    • they were smartly togged out / up estaban de punta en blanco
    • Conditions were perfect, the lads stood beside him for the pre-event photos, and he was togged out in the full kit.
    • I start getting togged up at 6.50 pm, but there's a vocal warm-up at 6.30 pm and I'm happy to be missing out on that!
    • The sun shone as we togged out in our t-shirts that we put on over several layers of thermal underwear!
    • I got all togged up with goggles, ear plugs, face masks and dirty old clothes for two days floor sanding fun!
    • They're all big men, though they don't look it when they're togged out.
    • At any opportunity the kids are togged out in their wellies and off out to the two secured outdoor areas on-site or for a run around outside.
    • Once again, 15 minutes after arrival, they'd togged out and with towel in hands were off down to the pool.
    • It's not dangerous, yet togged up in that gear your average enthusiast looks damned menacing.
    • Twenty-two girls from Nurney were togged out in the locally sponsored jerseys and new skirts.
    • Our photo shows the lads getting togged out for one of many charity football matches.
    • Training takes place twice a week and there could be up to fifty girls togged out on those evenings.
    • We've rather over judged the dress code - and appear to be the only ones to have bothered to get togged up at all.
    • It was a marvellous feat of organisation and the reward was to see the young people from five years of age to eight togged out in their individual club colours.
    • I rarely wear a suit these days, often a shirt and tie but rarely the whole hog, but today I was togged out in my full glory.
    • Daisy and I had a walk into town, suitably togged up in waterproofs.
    • The tournament began at 11 o clock on a grey and wet morning but despite the inclement weather all the teams togged out and started playing.
    • Both sides are at the ground a half an hour before the kick off time, togged out, raring to go, and the referee never turns up.
    • So I got myself togged up in the required fisherman's smock, with those handy pockets for putting things in.
    • Revellers togged up in suits and fancy vintage dresses groove the night away against a projected backdrop of classic films, footage of a bygone Birmingham and, later in the evening, eye-popping burlesque routines.
    • In the end, we had snow, but the flurries were light, and so we togged up and trekked across town back to Betty's.