Translation of together in Spanish:


Pronunciation /təˈɡɛðə//təˈɡɛðər/


  • 1

    (in each other's company)
    they walked together for part of the way caminaron juntos/juntas un trecho
    • we sat together in silence estuvimos (todos/los dos) sentados en silencio
    • we left them alone together los dejamos solos a los dos
    • we get on quite well together nos llevamos bastante bien
    • now that we're all together again ahora que estamos todos juntos / reunidos otra vez
    • they were separated for a while, but they're together again now estuvieron separados un tiempo, pero ahora han vuelto a juntarse
    • these knives and forks don't all belong together estos cuchillos y tenedores no son del mismo juego
    • they belong together son el uno para el otro
  • 2

    • 2.1(in combination, collaboration)

      let's write the letter together escribamos juntos/juntas la carta
      • together, these two issues dominate the headlines estos dos temas dominan conjuntamente los titulares
      • we must face this crisis together debemos hacer frente a esta crisis unidos
      • pink and orange don't go together very well el rosa no va / no pega muy bien con el naranja

    • 2.2(at the same time)

      let's all sing together cantemos todos juntos
      • all together now! ¡todos (juntos / a la vez)!
      • we were at school together fuimos compañeros de colegio
      • you have to push both buttons together hay que pulsar los dos botones simultáneamente / a la vez
      • the two things happened together las dos cosas ocurrieron al mismo tiempo
      • Each wave was timed to touch down together and they were arranged so that a military unit was landed in the correct tactical order.
      • We chuckled together as she stood and reached up to the top shelf of a grand bookcase in the corner.
      • But how would you make the 16 rolls of paper turn at the same instant and continue together?

  • 3

    (in, into contact)
    we stuck the broken cup together again pegamos la taza que se había roto
    • the planks are held together by nails las tablas están clavadas entre sí
    • the pieces slot together las piezas encajan unas en otras
    • I pulled the curtains together cerré / corrí las cortinas
    • they were brought together by chance el destino los unió
  • 4

    • 4.1(one with the other)

      add the two figures together suma las dos cantidades

    • 4.2(without interruption)

      he can't concentrate for more than two minutes together no puede concentrarse más de dos minutos seguidos
      • He had the enormous concentration level to sit for hours together to bring out a drawing.
      • We used to sit for hours together when we were fifteen listening again and again to his two Billie Holiday records.
      • The same peony can be topped up with water and cups of tea brewed for hours together.
      • In both these districts, the cord is sometimes not cut for hours together.
      • Speakers go about their oratory for hours together earning the wrath of the listeners.
      • He can be seen lost in this posture for hours together, a picture of concentration.



  • 1

    • Elaine is a very together businesswoman and she's made a career for herself finding jobs for celebrities.
    • Frank is a very tough, very intelligent, very together guy.
    • And you've always struck me as a very together sort of person.