Translation of toggle in Spanish:


muletilla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɑɡəl//ˈtɒɡ(ə)l/


  • 1

    muletilla feminine
    botón de trenca masculine
    botón de montgomery masculine Southern Cone
    • But she was fastened into her duties like a toggle into a duffel coat.
    • A drawstring at the waist, hood, or neck on clothing can catch in a small gap in playground equipment, a bus handrail, or on a bolt, and a drawstring with a large toggle or knot at the end is most likely to get caught.
    • Duffle coat toggles used to be made from such nuts.
    • Repeat to add toggles to the remaining four patches with matching grainlines.
    • Why don't you do the toggles up and keep us really warm?
    • He played with a tassel in each hand, sometimes nervously chewing the toggles.
    • It was fastened by a sash and personal items were carried in small containers known as inro, which hung from the sash, secured by toggles - netsuke.
    • She is wearing a silly hat with toggles on either side, and these dance and jiggle the more aggressive she becomes.
    • Glaswegians everywhere were celebrating the arrival of the fine weather by undoing the top toggle on their duffel-coats.
    • The netsuke with two openings for the string to pass, acted as a toggle to prevent the sagemono (everything hanging from the sash) from slipping down from the obi.
    • At Hemp Knoll the bone toggle had been broken and subsequently decorated, suggesting a long history of use before being sewn onto the clothing or shroud of the deceased.
    • They served as belt toggles to hold containers for tobacco, money and other objects that would be carried on the cloth belt or girdle, as the kimono had no pockets.
    • Netsuke are toggles worn by Japanese men of the upper classes.
    • The Romans used buttons only as ornaments and even the ancient Chinese never progressed beyond the toggle and loop.
    • Just as the Japanese used netsuke toggles to fasten their kimonos, the Inuit hung theirs from hunting equipment to placate the animal spirits for past catches.
    • Jenny points to the popularity of hoods, vests, trainers and toggles in today's fashions.
    • Velcro, toggles, hidden buttons and magnets are the added details that set this season apart from the last.
    • Bone and antler were used to make dress-pins, hair combs, toggles, needle-cases, handles for iron knives, awls and other domestic equipment.
    • When Adam had received a cut, after being hit in the eye by a duffel coat toggle, action had been taken.
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    cazonete masculine
    • This toggle holds the necklace together when it's passed through the clay loop.
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    flip-flop masculine
    • One of the control buttons is a toggle for the SuperBright feature (on, off, and movie), another button is a reset, and the remaining buttons control the menu system.
    • The mixer application includes a nice feature for headphone use: a toggle switch turns on a small pre-amp that boosts signal output.
    • It's quite sad how often it becomes necessary to hunt through the Options screen and hope beyond hope that there's a Voice On / Off toggle switch lurking there somewhere.
    • Five clearly visible control buttons and an on/off power toggle are located on the lower-right corner of the monitor's thin bezel.
    • These include a power toggle with an LED power indicator, an input toggle to choose which video feed is functional, and an on-screen menu on/off switch.