Translation of toilet in Spanish:


baño, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈtɔɪlɪt//ˈtɔɪlɪt/


  • 1

    (room) baño masculine Latin America
    (room) servicio masculine Spain
    (room) váter masculine Spain informal
    (bowl) water masculine
    (bowl) váter masculine Spain
    (bowl) taza feminine
    (bowl) inodoro masculine
    (bowl) excusado masculine dated
    to go to the toilet ir al baño Latin America euphemistic
    • to throw / flush sth down the toilet tirar algo por el water
    • public toilets baños públicos
    • You probably wash up your dirty dishes immediately after eating, and stick bleach down the toilet with every tenth flush.
    • If councillors agree, the structure - including a toilet and changing rooms - will be built next to the organisation's bowling green.
    • It's about as subtle as not having women's toilets in the engineering building.
    • A third of all household water is flushed down the toilet, so control the amount of water you use by putting a plastic bottle or ‘hippo’ in your cistern.
    • In the toilets, the one cubicle with a working light had a broken lock.
    • Professionalism and ethics are sometimes flushed down the toilet.
    • Why have the toilet in the bathroom when you've got masses of space?
    • Matthew later confronts Louise and locks her in the ladies' toilets.
    • The accommodation at this level is completed by a small understairs guest toilet.
    • Toilets on the first floor are only available to those attending meetings.
    • The public toilets have been cleaned up and three chemical toilets have been placed in the park.
    • Medicines should never be disposed of with other household waste, for safety reasons, or flushed down the toilet, for environmental reasons.
    • There are no science, cookery or woodwork rooms and no staff toilets.
    • Apparently Roly stopped taking his drugs, flushed them down the toilet, and begged Alex to help him get out of that place.
    • Toilets overflow, pipes leak and refuse piles up in the stairwells.
    • He said he was not inclined to provide a portable toilet which could be vulnerable to vandalism.
    • Most get flushed down the toilet, and eventually end up in the oceans.
    • Seat covers have been available for decades, and it used correctly, most seat covers will flush down the toilet without the user touching them.
    • They should not be flushed down the toilet or sink.
    • Fire broke out in the Carlton Street building's toilets after a match was dropped into a bin full of waste paper.
    • He said drain blockages often occurred when nappies, air fresheners and sanitary towels are flushed down the toilet.
    • Unless hard digging provides real verified facts, the anonymous stuff should be flushed down the toilet.
    • The guest bedroom is on the ground floor and is en suite and there is a separate downstairs toilet nearby.
    • The toilets are upstairs, but there is a communal disabled toilet on our floor.
    • Marketing is described as weak and many buildings lacked public toilets, baby changing facilities and refreshment areas.
    • Milnthorpe bus users may have to endure more hanging about in the rain as the town's parish council raided funds earmarked for building bus shelters to save a public toilet.
    • The small building also boasts composting toilets, grey water recycling, and the use of natural lighting.
    • Today his firm, which puts poster ads in pub toilets, employs five people.
    • Although work is on a public floor of the building, the toilets are locked, secured by carefully guarded keys.
    • If we ever had any moral authority, it has been officially flushed down the toilet.
    • In many states, using a composting toilet allows a property owner to install a smaller septic system.
    • Upstairs there are five bedrooms and a family bathroom, and a downstairs toilet completes the accommodation.
    • Both the breakfast room and the kitchen have recessed lighting, while a guest toilet completes the accommodation at this level.
    • I think I almost fell asleep again because my brother got tired of waiting and flushed the downstairs toilet.
    • When they are flushed down the toilet, they dissolve into microscopic particles.
    • I compost all these and have a compost toilet.
    • I wanted to use a composting toilet, but county wastewater officials weren't receptive to the idea.
    • You'd toured the building, revisited the toilets, searched every office you'd been in during the day.
    • There is also an understairs guest toilet on the ground floor.
    • He had the dimensions of the room, the door, even the toilet, all memorized in his head.
    • She quickly changed into an older dress and completed a brief toilet.
  • 2archaic

    (washing and dressing)
    arreglo personal masculine
    toilette feminine humorous
    to be at one's toilet estar arreglándose
    • before noun toilet articles artículos de tocador