Translation of toilet bag in Spanish:

toilet bag

neceser, n.


  • 1

    neceser masculine
    bolsa de aseo feminine
    • Branches in Sligo had also produced toilet bags, containing basic toiletry needs, for the Accident and Emergency Department of Sligo General Hospital, for the use of people who unexpectedly have to go into hospital.
    • The mystery gent who arrived with a toilet bag three times the size of his girlfriend, full of potions and gels, also brought a supply of fine wine.
    • Police searched another room where he had been staying and found a quantity of cocaine in a toilet bag.
    • Early this year he received a toilet bag with socks, underwear, hankies, vitamins and books.
    • Moving to collect her night shirt and toilet bag she slipped out to go to the bathroom, realising that she didn't know were the towels where and stood in the hall deciding what to do next.
    • The gun was discovered in the suspect's toilet bag in his hand luggage as passengers passed through security.
    • She groped for pins in her toilet bag, never taking her eyes off her reflection.
    • Hanging up my great-looking toilet bag and taking out my good shampoo, soaps, and creams at least makes the bathroom feel more like my own.
    • She keeps a toilet bag stuffed with combs, sprays, and touch-up paint in the door pocket, and at red lights she re-invents herself in the rearview mirror.