Translation of toilet roll in Spanish:

toilet roll

rollo de papel higiénico, n.


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    rollo de papel higiénico masculine
    • Then I was about to use toilet roll when I had an idea.
    • I was appalled to read an article about how scientists had worked for years using geographical patterns in a toilet roll's perforations to make it softer than soft.
    • Some 40 minutes after they had arrived at the hotel the manager found the couple a room, but when they asked for more toilet roll it was sent to the wrong room number.
    • I may have bought everything in the shop except toilet paper and washing up liquid, but I didn't buy toilet roll, or, for that matter, washing up liquid.
    • As I did so, I recalled that the hotel staff hadn't folded the end of the toilet roll into a little triangle shape.
    • She has admitted she was pelted with eggs and toilet roll by bullies.
    • Keep a sense of humour - it can be hard to be amused when you see your keys being thrown down the toilet, or the toilet roll being unravelled halfway around the house.
    • In the bathroom someone has artfully turned the paper hanging from the toilet roll into a piece of origami.
    • This also, of course, explains the crispy sheets and why the toilet roll only lasts a day at a time.
    • I have rearranged the order of the cutlery draw into a more logical sequence, and yesterday I bought a brand of toilet roll that we do not usually purchase.
    • Timidly, I took the toilet roll from his outstretched arm and thanked him before frowning slightly.
    • The last thing you want is to run chicken-legged downstairs to find that the toilets have no lights - and, worse, no toilet roll.
    • To avoid getting caught short, it's best to carry a small toilet roll or a pack of tissues in your bag or pocket!
    • When you finally get your turn in the bathroom, are you met with towels thrown on the floor and the toilet clogged up with reams of toilet roll?
    • Sometimes I experiment with other types of paper, such as toilet roll, tissue paper or colored paper.
    • The worst ones are the toilets in the supermarket: they are dirty and smelly, there is never any toilet roll and there is nowhere near enough room for the number of customers.
    • We were going to the supermarket and buying 12 packs of toilet roll.
    • That's one of my pet peeves I'm afraid; the fact that I am constantly having to put a new toilet roll on to the toilet roll holder.
    • For our agency away-day/team-building endeavor we were driven down to the New Forest somewhere near Southampton and given tents, bicycles and small brown paper bags with a toilet roll inside and a miniature of vodka.
    • It's a fact that men are genetically unable to replace toilet roll, notice that the milk is running low, or cook a meal without using every utensil in the kitchen.