Translation of toke in Spanish:


pitada, n.

Pronunciation /toʊk//təʊk/



  • 1

    pitada feminine Latin America
    calada feminine Spain
    • When four people are sharing a spliff, taking more than three tokes in one pass is not kosher.
    • That's why the US Supreme Court won't risk the health of dying cancer patients with a few tokes of physician-prescribed pot.
    • As the drug abuse literature tells us, one toke leads inevitably to another, and soon the very proper Grace is up to her eyebrows in a potent strain of Matthew's favorite recreational herb.
    • I found myself apologizing a lot for being lame, for not having gone out much in the past six months, for wanting to leave early tonight, for not wanting a toke of a joint rolled with reportedly amazing weed.
    • Anyway, after a few tokes, I was able to think straight, and I figured Ron had taken my car so he wouldn't be late to work.
    • I take a few tokes, but I just don't feel like it at the moment.
    • He takes another long toke, holds his breath for what seems like the best part of a minute, then exhales with a small cough.
    • The will to better yourself evaporates after a few tokes.
    • Well sure, you can get cancer from smoking joints, and you can certainly kill yourself and others if you choose to drive following a good toke.
    • One coffee, one glass of wine, one toke on a joint does it for me.
    • The stewards don't mind; they are in the galley enjoying a good toke on the top-notch ganja they scored in Japan.
    • ‘Hmm, good stuff,’ Wendy said after a couple of tokes.
    • At 14, she was drinking with older men and sneaking tokes on the loading dock of the music store where she worked.
    • Around our way its always the baseball capped teenagers who blatantly smoke it in the street and also don't find much time between tokes for schooling.
    • There is nothing quite like sitting around a campfire, talking about anything and everything, while enjoying a friendly toke or two.
    • Under federal law, anyone who grows or distributes pot is a felon - even if they're giving it to a migraine sufferer who's going to vomit if he can't get a couple of tokes quickly.
    • It's a disturbing event, but Cliff needs only a couple of tokes and some sage advice from his mother - who thinks he's just upset over a breakup - to get over it.
    • The last thing she did before she pulled down the bag was take one last toke on the cigarette.
    • At other times, he tries too hard to show that he's just a regular guy, who enjoys the occasional pitcher of beer or toke of a joint.
    • With few exceptions, having taken a toke the night before has not one iota of impact on the job people do.