Translation of token in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtəʊk(ə)n//ˈtoʊkən/


  • 1

    • 1.1(expression, indication)

      please accept this small token of our gratitude le pedimos que acepte este pequeño obsequio como muestra / prueba de nuestro agradecimiento
      • they removed their hats as a token of respect se quitaron el sombrero en señal de respeto
      • it's not a big present, it's just a token no es un gran regalo, es solo un detalle
      • as a token of my love como prenda de mi amor

    • 1.2(memento)

      recuerdo masculine
      may I keep it as a token ¿puedo guardarlo de recuerdo?
      • The custom of sending love tokens goes back hundreds of years, but reached extreme levels in Victorian times where precious items were sent as tokens of forbidden love.
      • And he declined to accept the token of recognition conferred on him by the Academy.
      • Symbol systems can arise only in close-knit social groups, for the symbols are meaningful only as tokens in interactions with others.
      • The only secrets in Freemasonry are the signs, grips and tokens of recognition and even these were revealed decades ago.
      • Except for a few very visible tokens, the voices and lives of women are trivialized, if not simply cropped out of the scene altogether, and this is the crux of the problem.
      • A ring, sword, and sceptre were delivered as tokens of authority and the anthem ‘Zadok the Priest’ chanted.
      • There are no faded flags or hand-painted signs of national unity, no simple tokens of remembrance.
      • His work was almost always meant to have the quality of a personal token, rather than that of an object for public display.
      • Such heartening gestures are subtle but meaningful tokens of unity.
      • The knoll near the Pentagon and the parks in lower Manhattan have filled with flowers and tokens of remembrance.
      • In the 1800s, puzzle purses became popular: the Valentine was carefully folded, so its recipient had to refold it to read the messages and find the love tokens concealed therein.
      • The number eight is a token of fortune in Chinese and has special favour across the country.
      • A committee of women collected donations from all over the state to fund the design and production of a sterling silver commemorative token, a loving cup.
      • It is clear that these costumes were worn as tokens of stately ostentation and to display the authority of the wearer.
      • Engagement rings are merely tokens of esteem that two people have for one another.
      • But meantime there are signs, tokens, foretastes of the final Kingdom, which in themselves provide powerful support for Christian congregations in their sacrificial work.
      • Well, for Hollywood couples, the most cherished token of their union isn't always the ring, it is the prenup.
      • The day had a very symbolic beginning when the school principal handed over a golden key, a token of authority, to the student principal.
      • The stickers go on their T-shirts and watching the tots rush about showing their stickers to each-other and to their proud mums, it's obvious how much this little token of achievement means.
      • In general, most objectors dismissed it as a ceremonial or symbolic token; an expression of faith, like a crucifix, except it was a blade that could cut, maim and harm.

  • 2

    • 2.1(coin)

      ficha feminine
      cospel masculine Argentina
      • This sort of system operates in several other cities which have park and ride services, where the bus rider purchases a token before boarding the bus and inserts this token in a machine to exit.
      • The gaming system avoids having to use coins or tokens in the operation of slot machines.
      • After the war, he worked for the New York Mass Transit Authority, selling tokens from booths in various subway stations.
      • Aluminum was in short supply during World War II, so they were replaced by plastic tokens, and then finally discarded in 1951.
      • They were operated by tokens rather than money.
      • The hotel said the smart card technology allows for smart gaming and the inconvenience of queuing at the cash desk for tokens is no longer necessary.
      • Digging out his last subway token, he drifted along in their wake.
      • Also, to enter the car park one drives up to the barrier, obtains a token from a machine - rather like entering a car wash - and then uses it to board the bus.
      • To play you will need to buy a token from one of the wait staff in the casino.
      • They want you to spend hours plugging the machines with tokens.
      • Her birthday party was held at a game arcade where you trade coins for tokens and you play at game machines with the tokens.
      • An arcade usually includes a change machine, a vending machine that dispenses the change or tokens kids need to play the games.
      • On return, one simply inserts the token into a machine or goes to a kiosk and pays the fee (£1 last time I used it).
      • The couple say they got into trouble when a woman and her Jamaican boyfriend gave them tokens for gambling machines in a casino during the holiday.
      • Also I got my commuter rail and subway tokens for Boston area trips in advance; that way I didn't have to worry about that at the end of the trip.
      • It turned out that the machine takes tokens, not coins, and those tokens are only given by stores in the mall.
      • Benjamin put his token into the machine and got on the nearest train.
      • When you first put in your coins, tokens or tickets, you hear a telephone ring.
      • To use this, one only has to obtain a token at the barrier before entering, park the car and then show the token to the bus driver.
      • The kid said he wanted to go home, and the coach handed him a subway token.

    • 2.2British (voucher)

      vale masculine
      (given as present) vale masculine
      (given as present) cheque-regalo masculine
      a book /record token un vale / un cheque-regalo para comprar un libro/disco
      • They are currently running a special promotion which involves collecting tokens over a number of weeks.
      • The other two section winners each receive £75 shopping vouchers and leisure tokens as well as a trophy.
      • Milk tokens can be exchanged for powdered baby milk or fresh milk.
      • More records and record tokens would be given this Yuletide than ever before.
      • For example, you may be entitled to milk tokens if you're receiving benefits, or you may be eligible for a Sure Start Maternity Grant.
      • Freshers' packs are usually given out by Student Union reps and they will contain a book full of tokens for free food and half price travel, clothes and books etc.
      • Nicole received a book token for outstanding effort.
      • British banks have given away CD tokens, student rail cards and money boxes in an effort to woo new customers.
      • Prize-winners received book tokens and were treated to an interesting talk on how the murals were painted.
      • When she turned round, the bag, which contained nearly £300 cash and a milk token, had been swiped.
      • The estate had its own import and export facilities, and the workers were paid in tokens to be exchanged for goods in the company store.
      • In addition, a petition signed by 525 people living in rural areas is asking the council to give pensioners a choice between tokens and half-fare bus passes.
      • Refugee mothers don't even get the milk tokens that mothers on benefit are entitled to.
      • So if your budget stretches to it, a book or record token or gift voucher as well may not go amiss.
      • Anyone who has the opportunity to collect tokens is asked to donate them to the local primary school.
      • If you are a reader of these papers and would like to pass on the tokens, the students would be most appreciative.
      • School management and teachers say a sincere thank you to all the parents and pupils who collected the tokens.
      • Keep and use all the coupons and tokens you get free, but only if they're for items you would buy anyway.
      • The tokens will be exchanged for equipment for the school.


  • 1

    (payment/fine/gesture) simbólico
    (stoppage/strike) de advertencia
    we put in a token appearance at the party hicimos acto de presencia en la fiesta
    • the panel is made up of four men plus the token woman el panel está integrado por cuatro hombres y la mujer que hay que incluir para salvar las apariencias / por pura fórmula
    • In response to growing public concern over the plight of the unemployed graduates, the government has made a few token moves to provide jobs.
    • How does an apathetic agnostic even begin to redress a quarter-century of token gestures and guest appearances at church?
    • There were a half dozen or so public works, most token gestures at best, located in both towns.
    • The government would take a tough stand and then make a token concession.
    • There is a token amount that this Government is setting aside for the rest of the country, but most of the money raised will be spent on Aucklanders.
    • I find the whole thing completely irresponsible, and this bill is just a token measure.
    • It is not surprising therefore that their affiliated unions are only making a token effort to oppose the government's plan.
    • When she left her last job, she was offered a token 300 pesos severance pay.
    • Neither side called him, and he made one token appearance at the trial.
    • Nevertheless, Labor is just as anxious as the government to push the legislation through, albeit with token amendments.
    • These largely token measures have done little to quell public anger at the violent actions of the police.
    • The strike was little more than a token protest by the union and had little effect on the company's flight schedules.
    • The strikers held a march and observed a token hunger strike.
    • The police made no more than a token effort to disguise their enthusiasm for the militia cause.
    • Instead of giving large numbers of students token payments of $100 to $200, we are giving more students real financial support.
    • But opposition by the government and big business to anything but a token pay increase has nothing to do with concern for the unemployed.
    • But, under intense pressure from the military, the courts imposed only token sentences.
    • But even the head acknowledges that her school is beyond such token gestures.
    • Instead, a so-called ‘hardship fund’ was established to provide token support for those receiving the lowest pensions.
    • Despite token opposition to this clause from France, Germany and Mexico, the three countries abstained in the voting, enabling the resolution to be passed.