Translation of tollbooth in Spanish:


cabina de peaje, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtoʊlˌbuθ//ˈtəʊlbuːð/


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    cabina de peaje feminine
    • The current Sydney locations all have traffic channelled into an established tollbooth or purpose built single lane.
    • In amongst the ranks of commuters' cars queuing up at the tollbooths were the vehicles of those who were heading north for a more adventurous weekend.
    • Currently, the usage is below 2,000 vehicles, and the tolling ends up barely paying for - if it is paying for - the manning of the tollbooths.
    • She told the audience that the idea for the show originated when she went through a tollbooth and anonymously paid for a number of cars behind her.
    • Now, one of the things that will definitely slow things down on this holiday weekend, as it does on a normal day, are tollbooths.
    • As I pulled in to the tollbooth, I was feeling pretty calm about the last hour and had no significant issues.
    • Current practice tends to emphasize only vehicle-type differentiation, primarily for administrative ease in toll collection via tollbooths.
    • There were 20 tollbooths at the toll station studied.
    • I'd much rather pay a higher gasoline tax at the pump than be forced to stop at tollbooths every few miles.
    • Also, why is it that the brakes suddenly came back to life when he was approaching a tollbooth?
    • Other networks are more sophisticated, like the new beltway around Toronto, a toll road without tollbooths: transponders, cameras, and license-plate numbers provide the billing information.
    • The result is time saved and an end to the dangerous traffic queues that occur at tollbooths.
    • In another 20 minutes we had reached the final tollbooth.
    • We were back on course and heading through a purple and yellow tollbooth by the time Louis spoke.
    • It also agreed on a temporary freeze on the imposition of new highway tolls and the construction of new tollbooths.
    • In the northeast, we have this little box you put on your windshield that is detected every time you go through a tollbooth or over a toll bridge.
    • On your way to the airport, you are passing tollbooths while your transponder makes a record of where you are.
    • When viewed in isolation, many new privacy invasions seem harmless to many Americans, who don't see why they should care that (for example) someone is recording the date and time that they drive through a tollbooth.
    • They also took over a tollbooth on the Oaxaca-Cuacnopalan highway, and let vehicles pass without paying tolls.
    • They suggest that, for some considerable time, there will be a need for some non-electronic tollbooths to cater for the irregular users of the road.