Translation of tomcat in Spanish:


gato (macho), n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɒmkat//ˈtɑmˌkæt/


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    gato (macho) masculine
    • These guys went at it like two tomcats fighting over the pussy next door.
    • Officers caring for the black tomcat last night named him Bilbo.
    • Waiting for her at the gate was the neighbour's tabby tomcat who bore the unoriginal name of Tiger.
    • He hunkered down in a patch of magnolias like a tomcat preparing to pounce.
    • But she grew unable to live with the ginger tomcat's antics and a month ago took him to the RSPCA centre in Altham.
    • Brent's parents were cat-sitting; he had left strict instructions for them not to let the aged but feisty tomcat out.
    • But his eyes gave him away, the eyes of a tomcat evaluating a bird.
    • I mean, everybody knew her from a safe distance as she took her fat, one-eyed, almost bald tomcat, Strudel, for his morning drag around the complex.
    • A grey and black tomcat went missing on Friday, February 28.
    • The tomcat appears to use violence to subdue the female cat.
    • While that may be overstating things just a little, it must be said that he has the air of a well-fed tomcat sitting on a square-mile of linoleum with a petrified mouse in his grasp.
    • Boo was a black and white tomcat with gorgeous bright blue eyes - and I noticed that he was disappearing a lot lately.
    • Pictured next on the screen was a large rodent making its way toward a hungry-looking tomcat.
    • A large long-haired grey tomcat was lost in the Barnashrone / Ballyfin area.
    • After Rio disappeared down the hole, an RSPCA officer was called in and started digging in an effort to rescue the 12-week-old tomcat.
    • A large black-and-white tomcat strolled along the road.
    • I glanced down and Charlie, Zachery's black and white tomcat, was sitting beside his bowl, a smug and fairly self satisfied look on his face.
    • Every morning our tomcat comes in, eats, and then goes to spend most of the day on our bed.
    • Our faithful little tomcat had evidently sensed its nearness the previous evening and was petrified almost out of his wits, but he stood his ground and didn't run away, perhaps being unable to move from fright.
    • A small ginger tomcat, its head on its paws, looks up at Brabham as he enters.