Translation of ton in Spanish:


tonelada, n.

Pronunciation /tʌn//tən/


  • 1

    • 1.1(unit of weight)

      (EEUU: 907kg.; antiguamente en RU: 1.016kg.) tonelada feminine
      a 35-ton truck un camión de 35 toneladas
      • All the vehicles and equipment together weigh about 13,000 short tons.
      • Total original resources for the five assessed coal beds are estimated at about 93 billion short tons, of which about 66 billion short tons remain.
      • Between August 1990 and May 1991, they also helped serve 94 million meals, stage and dispense one billion gallons of fuel, and handle 43,769 short tons of mail.
      • The film details the story of what might happen if an atomic bomb equal to 20,000 tons of TNT were exploded at 1,000 ft above a British city of half a million people.
      • The fruit was too hard to be pressed in a wine press and a circular stone mill was used, comprising a mill stone of about a ton in weight which stood upright in a trough and was pulled round by a pony.
      • A little more than a billion short tons of coal are mined each year in the United States.
      • Adam thought about hitting Joe with it since the old gun weighed a short ton and had the kick of a mule when it went off.
      • Units exported or imported were reported only in pounds, gallons, bales, bushels, short tons, dozens, bags, crates and bunches, etc., depending on the commodity.
      • The cast weighed four tons and measured 16 feet.
      • Every household in Swindon produces an average of a ton of waste each year and most of it goes into landfill.
      • Yields of clover treated with the potassium-rich ash, worth up to £1,200 per ton, increased by 150%.
      • Over a ton of weight was then lifted gingerly out of the soil by a crane.
      • It was nine feet long, almost a ton in weight and crammed with hi-tech equipment used to probe the ocean floor.
      • The feats achieved in this film make spectacular viewing, with tiny lorries hauling sacks of cement totalling several tons in weight as they climb fantastic Scottish mountain tracks.
      • Calico's annual output was accordingly very small through 1888, probably not exceeding 250 short tons, or 500,000 pounds, valued at no more than $33,500.
      • In all, 2000 tons (1.8 million kilograms) of concrete went into the building.
      • It sent 88 vehicles, 800 short tons and 100 troops to Italy in 1999.
      • The 60 metre steel towers, which were manufactured in Denmark, were delivered in three sections and have a total weight of 90 tons.
      • The wing was lifted into place by a specially made crane from Valencia, which has a capacity of 2,400 tons (two million kilograms).
      • Every single ship in the US Navy which put to sea would have their own set of 12,000 paper maps, adding more than a ton of weight and taking up a great deal of space.
      • As of June 2004, this small detachment of soldiers staged and moved 5,400 short tons of cargo, and 7,000 personnel aboard 620 aircraft.
      • Above ground stocks in New York, too, have fallen sharply and now stand at less than 45,000 short tons.
      • U.S. Marine Corps, Air Force and Army aircraft delivered several million gallons of fuel and short tons of supplies to support the operations.
      • Between 1855 and 1858 the quantity of coal transported out of the district by the company had risen from 421,755 tons to 1,310,020 tons.
      • Scaffolding was erected around the building and the roof sections bolted on and weighted down with 80 tons of sand, suspended in two-ton bags.
      • More than a fifth of urban wagons weighed over three tons, with heavier weights requiring long, hard-to-manage multiple-horse teams.
      • In 1977 and 1978 about 5,000 short tons of potassium feldspar were mined from the Blue Spar.
      • Couriers ride the trikes with attached trailers, the strongest of which can take a quarter of a ton in weight, from our Walmgate offices with the latest copies of the newspaper and ferry them to various destinations.
      • It can travel at speeds of up to 40 knots, transport 1,000 short tons of equipment and more than 350 combat soldiers.
      • But we needed to push it, to bump-start it, which was easier said than done, with over a ton in weight to push, on a muddy field.
      • Between 1902 and 1906, the Pacific Coast Borax Company's total sales in the United States rose from 10,500 to 12,500 short tons.
      • Mr Furness said the tanker was green and the cab was white. He thinks it could have been a milk tanker and was about 30 tons in weight.
      • At any given time, there are 2,500 vehicles on the road somewhere in theater, moving about 3.2 million short tons of materiel.
      • The situation will be exacerbated as the company winds down production at its Toyoha Mine - which produced around 30 short tons of indium last year - ahead of its closing in March.
      • In the operation, 35,000 short tons of munitions were moved, but only 6,000 short tons were actually expended.
      • He estimated that he needed between 20,000 tons and 30,000 tons of supplies each month.
      • The average head of human hair can support 23 tons of weight.
      • The expansion will increase copper production to 300,000 short tons per year from 100,000 tons currently.
      • We have the equivalent of four tons of high explosives for every person on earth.
      • Altogether, though, with the palisades which were 23 feet in length and supported by marble columns at each end, the weight was 40 tons.

    • 1.2Nautical
      (unit of capacity)

      tonelada (cúbica) feminine
      a 120,000-ton tanker un petrolero de 120.000 toneladas
      • They also welded together 5,200 merchant ships totalling 39 million gross tons.
      • The International Maritime Organization already requires units above three hundred gross tons to carry Inmarsat-C, as part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System and in accordance with the Safety of Life at Sea Convention.
      • More significant from the passenger's point of view, 85 percent of the Zuiderdam's cabins are outside, and 67 percent of all staterooms have private verandas - notable for a ship of 85,000 gross register tons.
      • Eventually, when lifted into place and welded, they will form a ship of 1,132 feet and approximately 150,000 gross register tons.
      • At 38,000 gross register tons, this is one of their smallest ships.
      • He has nearly a million gross tons of ships under construction - worth more than $4 billion.
      • Another mouse click brings up a table listing each individual bunker's location, its area in square feet, and its sand capacity in cubic feet, cubic yards and tons.
      • Upon entering service, the QM2 becomes the largest and longest passenger ship in the world at 150,000 gross register tons (8,000 more than the Voyager of the Seas) and 1,132 feet from stem to stern (exceeding the Norway by 97 feet).
      • In this era of large cruise lines and huge new ships, a small company's acquisition of a third vessel - under 20,000 gross register tons and slightly used - might pass unnoticed.
      • According to the committee, the annual growth rate, measured in 'net ton kilometers' of bulk commodities transported by railways, has declined from 5.33 per cent between 1984 and 1991 to 1.86 per cent between 1991 and 1999.
      • The Arctic Sunrise is a medium-sized vessel, weighing 949 gross tons.
      • The Ontario based company expects to ship 4.13 million net tons from its integrated steel business this year and it has entered into contracts for 52 percent of anticipated shipments, down from 58 percent in 2004.
      • U.S. citizenship is still required for an owner to document a vessel and the vessel must be at least five net tons.
      • With only 940 passengers, you get to know your shipmates; but at 49,400 gross register tons, she offers all the on-board options one could desire - sans the gimmicks of the new floating resorts.

  • 2informal

    (large amount)
    tons of people/money/work montones de gente/dinero/trabajo masculine informal
    • It also weighs a ton, considering it's quite a bit smaller than it's big brother.
    • The store sells a ton of books and, just as important, serves as a focus and catalyst for a community of passionate readers.
    • We know he has always loved the art of campaigning, and he seems to be relishing this opportunity to sell a ton of books and also to polish up his legacy.
    • I'm so proud of her because she's made a ton of friends.
    • I've just finished reading a ton of books about vampires & werewolves.
    • In the long run they did publish the book and made a ton of money.
    • He sold a ton of books and videos based on his fearmongering statements that the lights would turn out at midnight on January 1st, 2000.
    • Even if she didn't make a ton of friends, she still thought the school was quite alright.
    • She knows just about everything that's going on around the school, she has a ton of friends, and she's a freshman dating a senior!
    • I'm sure they'll sell a ton of soundtracks that people will stop listening to in a couple months.
    • I lived in this small town in Alaska with a ton of friends, and everything seemed perfect.
    • I later learned that Brandon's girlfriend had decided to invite, without telling Peter, a ton of her friends from her school.
    • The bell rang and Joan ran out of physics in relief, loaded down with a ton of homework.
    • So rest assured that you made a ton of friends even before you walked in the door.
    • Our newsletters also pack a ton of useful information into a small amount of space, if I may say so.
    • This two-disc set is loaded with a ton of informative, entertaining, and engrossing bonus features.
    • My friend brought along a ton of gymnastic books and magazines.
    • I've got a ton of books waiting to be read and an economy size box of hot chocolate just sitting on the counter waiting to be called to duty.
    • We're not going to sell a ton of these, but when someone wants one, we've got them.
    • He has a bunch of books and a ton of websites and a seemingly huge and devoted following.
  • 3British slang

    (100 mph)
    to do a / the ton ir a 100 millas por hora