Translation of tone in Spanish:


tono, n.

Pronunciation /təʊn//toʊn/


  • 1

    • 1.1(quality of sound, voice)

      tono masculine
      from the tone of her voice I could tell that ... por el tono de voz me di cuenta de que ...
      • don't speak to your mother in that tone of voice! ¡no le hables a tu madre en ese tono!
      • Keeping track of your tone of voice, volume and inflection is also a good idea.
      • She was excited, but couldn't manage a happy tone of voice to express it.
      • She also sings rather well, with a husky, sensual tone hinting at a passion lurking under all those crinolines.
      • Kevin and Faith were not far from him speaking in hushed tones.
      • Try changing your tone of voice to break the pattern.
      • ‘That was how our grandfathers and father lived - those are our rules,’ says one man in a firm tone of voice.
      • The attractive part of the vocal delivery is the tone, the snotty sneer with which nearly every line is delivered.
      • There was no speaking in hushed tones at this compact dining room full of chatty, laughing customers.
      • It employs a single reed and has a very pure tone with no vibrato although this can be induced by use of the bellows.
      • Oistrakh's warm tone ensures that the concerto's melodic content is not compromised, in spite of his gutsy playing.
      • Her voice held a tone of finality that signaled the end of the discussion.
      • I could see some of the excitement drain out of her expression and her tone of voice changed.
      • I couldn't hear the sarcastic tone in her voice and I felt jealousy rising in me.
      • He opened his mouth and began to say something, but stopped short, and stared at Naomi for a second before continuing in a hushed tone.
      • The darkly resonant tones of the lower strings in the opening Largo were a prelude to the precise, crisp attack of the violins in the succeeding Allegro molto.
      • Only Trent noticed the mocking tone in Matt's voice and he hated him for it.
      • Yes, his name is uttered amongst the musical cognoscenti in hushed tones.
      • She started to laugh, the musical tones reverberating through the halls before quieting.
      • Despite the dismissive tone of voice, a serious expression crossed her face.
      • ‘I'm turning into a bit of a dragon,’ she says, in a tone of voice that could hardly be less dragon-like.
      • I didn't know what that meant exactly, but her tone signaled the end of the discussion.
      • She is blessed with the cool, crystalline tone so characteristic of Scandinavian singers.
      • But they soon learned the distinctive sound of each engine and found the familiar tones of the passing traffic a comfort rather than a disturbance.
      • But I'm sure my tone of voice and facial expression got my point across.
      • Ah well, you'll just have to imagine what my dulcet tones sound like.
      • The Octet's members placed a high priority on a full singing tone, honeyed legato playing, and warm, genial musicianship.
      • Violinist Adela Pena played with a penetrating tone and trenchant musicality.
      • Gruppman's bracing attack and Kosower's warmly resonant tone enlivened the Allegro finale.
      • Without the facial expressions and tone of voice that play so great a part in human communication, comments may become at best ambiguous, at worst offensive.
      • His voice had struck a conversational tone that grated on her nerves.
      • I can see their expression and hear their tone of voice now, clear as anything.
      • By the time the entrées arrived, I found myself taking tiny bites and talking in hushed tones about the quality of the parsnips in my soup.
      • First she tried sweet-talking him, using a sugary-sweet tone of voice to put him in a good mood and then happily suggesting that he let her out for some exercise.
      • Imagine my surprise when they spontaneously sang with me again, but this time in hushed and reverent tones.
      • On 'The Bird and Phoenix', he achieves an impressionistic, plaintive tone on flute.
      • I can normally tell, just from her tone of voice down the telephone line, how she's feeling.
      • For a moment during this litany, her tone of voice takes on a sharp, exasperated edge.
      • The tone of voice in the transcripts is revealing.
      • He continued to ponder this as he moved across the room to where several of his men were standing speaking in hushed, worried tones.
      • The playing throughout is crisp, featuring beautiful, full, round tones and distinct single note lines.

    • 1.2tones pl

      (sound) sonido masculine
      (voice) voz feminine

    • 1.3Linguistics

      (rising) tono ascendente masculine
      (falling) tono descendente masculine
      • Chinese pronunciation involves four tones, each indicated by a tone mark.
      • Its lingua franca is Cantonese, a dialect that has six tones compared to the four tones of standard mandarin Chinese.
      • Hmong is monosyllabic and tonal, meaning that it consists mainly of one-syllable words and that the tone of a word affects meaning.
      • Ethnic Liberian languages usually contain two or three distinct tones, based on pitch, which indicate semantic or grammatical differences.
      • In English, these tones suggest finality, the fall frequently occurring at the end of a statement, the rise at the end of a yes-no question.
      • Every syllable has an associated tone or pitch - high, low, medium, falling, rising, or whatever.

    • 1.4Telecommunications

      señal (sonora) feminine
      • His mobile telephone rang with a tone indicating he was in Spain but was switched off without a word being said.
      • She quickly dialled Izzy's Scottish number but was answered by a busy tone.
      • The telephone beside Andrew rang, and he answered after a single tone.
      • I make sure the volume on my beep tone is always turned up as high as it will go.
      • It took at least three tones before someone answered.
      • The harsh tone of the telephone disrupts my slumber.

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    tono masculine
    tonalidad feminine
    • John finds that artist pencils allow him to better express his artistic creativity than the brush because of the aspect of detail and layers of tone and texture which can be obtained.
    • His visible brushstrokes in the foreground and creamy subdued tones interspersed with bright oranges and red hues are very seductive.
    • Alternate different tones of green to prevent them from becoming completely camouflaged.
    • No matter what the bright colours, whether orange, sweet pink tones, neutral colours or just black and white, they will all be widely seen.
    • The paintings seem at first to be sombre in tone, coloured mostly by umbers and sepia-like hues.
    • Her trademark knitwear combines earthy tones with vivid colourful trims.
    • I enjoy the search for new shades of established colours, and I look forward to merging them with my base tones and creating a different vision of how I perceive things to be.
    • Other than delicate pink flesh tones, heavenly shades of blue predominate, accented with green and white.
    • Light pink gets lost next to the yellow and dark pink is too close in tone to the red.
    • The temperature is just right, there's a clear scent in the air, and the colours and tones of the falling leaves is absolutely beautiful to me.
    • After the war his painting lost much of its intensity, with pastel tones replacing the bold, sometimes harsh colours he had earlier used.
    • The palette also includes colours inspired by skin tones: blush, flesh, coffee, caramel, nut and cinnamon.
    • The neck is longer and more elegant, the underglaze blue cobalt lighter and purer in tone, and the porcelain itself whiter and with fewer occlusions.
    • The walls, adjustable lighting and curtains are all in warm colour tones to ease anxiety.
    • Building on continental lessons, he developed a technique of using thin washes of colour in muted tones to create an impression of transparency.
    • A student of the subject at A-Level, he favours a mixture of painting and printing techniques, and his pictures suggest a preference for modern art as well as earthy colours and tones.
    • Their neutral tone will balance the bright hues of the coolest polo shirts of the season, and offset your trendy jeans.
    • Extraordinarily subtle gradations of hue and tone at the perimeters heighten the ethereal appearance of the whole.
    • We often take color for granted, not bothering to notice the subtle hues, tones and intensities that surround us.
    • The drawing is notable for its wonderful use of soft pencil, which permits fine gradations of tone and texture.
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    • 3.1(mood, style)

      tono masculine
      the tone of the speech/article el tono del discurso/artículo
      • to set the tone marcar la pauta
      • the tone of the market la tónica / tendencia del mercado
      • Computers crash, characters bicker, and the general tone of the series is somewhat grim, with occasional bursts of humor.
      • However, I take exception to the general tone of his letter.
      • That has been the general tone of media reporting of the affair.
      • The show seemed oddly just a little light in tone, at least relative to the general tone of the series.
      • The general tone of the piece was quite positive.
      • I would agree wholeheartedly with the general tone of the article.
      • He uses everything at his disposal to maintain a moody, atmospheric tone.
      • The general tone of the piece is cynical, morbid and unpleasantly other-worldly.
      • Throughout all of this, the emphasis is on atmosphere and tone.
      • Despite the modern setting, the films are Victorian in tone and atmosphere.
      • She'd written most of the lyrics, and it was surprising that he'd caught on about the general tone of the piece.
      • A couple of moments might make you jump but overall it's a promise the film just can't keep as tension quickly fades into a tone of general monotony.
      • Nonetheless, I found the general tone of the film to be inspirational rather than offensive.
      • Interesting images are available through this gateway, and although the content varies from provider to provider, the general tone is one of intelligent, critical inquiry.
      • Though he makes some brief excursions into consciously literary forms, the overall tone of his writing is terse, colloquial, practical, laconic.
      • The lack of a clear atmosphere or tone turns what could have been passionate into just passable.
      • I am most happy with the fact that the general tone of your newspaper is moderate and very optimistic.
      • I'm also a little stunned by the tone of the piece.
      • The general tone of this album is quite serious, heavily laden with food-for-thought political rants.
      • Excessively muted in tone and atmosphere, they seem remote now, as if filtered through gauze.

    • 3.2(standard, level)

      nivel masculine
      to raise/lower the tone of sth levantar/bajar el nivel de algo

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    (of muscle)
    tono (muscular) masculine
    exercise helps keep your body in tone el ejercicio te ayuda a mantener el tono muscular
    • Tetanus causes increased muscle tone and spasms especially in the neck and jaw muscles.
    • I agree with him that upper airway muscle tone is decreased during sleep and is an important component of obstructive sleep apnea.
    • Drinking water also helps maintain proper muscle tone, which aids muscle contraction.
    • His muscle tone was mildly low but within the reference range.
    • Norepinephrine and serotonin are involved in the loss of muscle tone during REM sleep.
    • These children should be followed closely from birth and their development and muscle tone should be evaluated on a periodic basis.
    • Many signs are noticeable at birth, such as low muscle tone, small nose, short fingers, and flexible joints.
    • Physical exercise also is encouraged to assist in weight reduction and increase muscle tone.
    • Walker is intent on maintaining muscle tone in his lower body.
    • This program consisted of ambulation with portable oxygen and arm exercises to maintain muscle tone.
    • Physical boosts in endurance, muscle tone, body composition and blood flow can all improve sexual functioning.
    • These children tend to be underweight and emaciated, with decreased muscle tone.
    • With that low activity level, they are likely to lose muscle tone throughout their body.
    • Other infants may develop low muscle tone, seizures, heart failure and coma, often following an illness.
    • Babies with achondroplasia have poor muscle tone, often leading to delays in learning to sit, stand and walk.
    • Staying active will help to maintain muscle tone and function.
    • The Apgar score was based on heart rate, respiratory effort, muscle tone, reflex irritability, and skin color.
    • His muscle tone is normal for gestational age and response to stimulation is good.
    • The electroencephalogram, eye movements, and muscle tone are monitored.
    • They improve muscle tone, circulation and physiological efficiency and build up strength, stamina and flexibility.
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    • 5.1(interval)

      tono masculine
      • He uses this music to introduce octaves, accented rhythms, a whole tone scale and a continuous cross-hand pattern.
      • At the climax of the third chant, she so subdivides her forces that eventually, all twelve tones of the chromatic scale are encompassed.
      • For example, a rising whole tone interval is mirrored by a falling whole tone interval.
      • Ideally, I try to warm-up to a tone or two above the performance's highest note.
      • The Hellenistic mind of the Byzantines allowed musicians to draw systems of tones from the music of ancient Greece.

    • 5.2US (note)

      nota feminine

intransitive verb

to tone with

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    combinar con
    armonizar con

transitive verb

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