Translation of tone-deaf in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtoʊn ˌdɛf//təʊnˈdɛf/


  • 1

    to be tone-deaf no tener oído (musical)
    • But I do know good music from bad music, and I can tell the difference between talented musicians and tone-deaf wannabes with no sense of rhythm.
    • After all, it included anyone who wanted to sing, from the tone-deaf bass who grumbled his monotone to the screeching soprano whose high C shattered glass.
    • And if you'd seen the way he got into the song, even in his tone-deaf, screechy manner, you'd fall in love with this song, too.
    • My sisters can both sing, but my mother is tone-deaf and my father just can't sing.
    • It's actually quite good to get tone-deaf people who think they can sing to play.
    • The girl who sings it has a gorgeous voice, and I feel terrible for singing it with my tone-deaf one.
    • My 5-year-old giggled aloud at the silly premise of a tone-deaf and rhythmically challenged bird, Igor, who sets out in search of music lessons.
    • He couldn't carry a tune to save his life - he was tone-deaf.
    • 7: 57: Thousands of tone-deaf Swiss croon along to their national anthem, which starts promisingly but then lapses into an introspective doggerel.
    • But the most notable characteristic of the piano is that it is eminently suitable for the tone-deaf.
    • She didn't care, even when we said she was tone-deaf!
    • The software displays the recording's structure, identifying the notes by pitch as high and low notes, alerting the tone-deaf to where their melody fell apart.
    • Last Sunday they even had a heavily amplified, tone-deaf rock band rehearsing in the backyard all afternoon.
    • Even a tone-deaf fool like me can tell she has a voice like an angel.
    • It feels like being tone-deaf in a world of musicians.
    • Yet reading this novel, even a tone-deaf person could feel the delight and excitement that music enthusiasts experience when they hear an uplifting melody.
    • Aubrey and Maturin are enthusiastic amateur musicians, Hornblower is tone-deaf.
    • If you think you're tone-deaf, she teaches you to hear the differences between each instrument.
    • Why let fickle rock journalists and tone-deaf music fans control that myth?
    • Egged on by friends he proceeded to rap out some tone-deaf songs, the melodies of which were mangled through drink.