Translation of toneless in Spanish:


apagado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtəʊnlɪs//ˈtoʊnləs/


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    • Now, as I hear that same toneless voice, fear grips me so tightly that I can barely breathe.
    • ‘I get the message,’ he said in a deep and toneless voice.
    • They read their confessions in toneless voices.
    • She shouted it over and over in her toneless voice.
    • ‘I don't want to hear it,’ she said, her voice flat, toneless.
    • ‘Okay,’ said the toneless voice from the living room.
    • This is an almost funny music video for a toneless punk-metal song.
    • The intolerable toneless monologues of the last few auditions made a couple of people go to sleep.
    • His voice was toneless, but his expression was sceptical.
    • These words were toneless, expressionless, like everything around us.
    • She hardly recognized the cold, toneless voice coming out of her at that moment, and it scared her.
    • Gregory's voice had gotten softer, and was no longer completely toneless.
    • The narrative is driven almost completely by toneless voiceovers, and violence, needless to say, simmers and moans forever beneath the film's surface.
    • Her eyes were blank, looking somewhere far away, and her voice was toneless.
    • The voice still sounded more or less as one would expect for a man of his age: worn, unsupported, and breathless, the characteristic timbre dried up and toneless.
    • Pity suffused her voice for a moment, then melted away leaving behind an oddly toneless quality.
    • The lead singer has traded his toneless, dark singing style for a scratchy, emotive whisper, and the band's sound is more open and melodic.