Translation of tongue-lashing in Spanish:


bronca, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtəŋˌlæʃɪŋ/



  • 1

    bronca feminine informal
    to give sb a tongue-lashing echarle una bronca a algn informal
    • On Thursday, the coach's 10 o'clock training session was delayed by an hour as he gave his men a severe tongue-lashing about their behaviour the previous evening.
    • A half-time tongue-lashing by the boss ensured they wouldn't be caught napping again on the restart.
    • Indeed, she even gave him a bit of a tongue-lashing.
    • Referees all too often find themselves at the end of a tongue-lashing from emotional players.
    • The company, which has received a tongue-lashing from some quarters of the fashion industry, said retail conditions had been unusually poor in August.
    • One case mentioned several times concerned a young secretary who had suffered a number of tongue-lashings.
    • Besides, Philip had had his share of my tongue-lashings.
    • I had to bite my tongue not to give him a tongue-lashing.
    • Nobody is beyond rebuke, particularly if they happen to have anything to do with government, and the truculent trio never worry what the fall-out might be when they decide it's time for a tongue-lashing.
    • Gabriel also got a tongue-lashing from the judge who told him at his age he should have had the maturity to exercise self-control.
    • If the agreement is broken, the miscreant can expect a severe tongue-lashing from the other riders.
    • I heard from colleagues about tongue-lashings they had received when she was not pleased by some decision or activity.
    • The more mature you are about taking the tongue-lashing and inevitable grounding, the more likely your folks will be to go easy on you.
    • You hear his voice, you see his face, you long for his smile of approval, you remember his tongue-lashings.
    • Keen as mustard, fearless as well as tactless, he did not hesitate to treat even the great man himself to a barbed tongue-lashing.
    • The courts have fined them, given them a tongue-lashing in the hope that they will grow up, learn from their foolish behaviour and desist from anarchical acts.
    • Although she usually keeps her most trenchant observations for the stage, several members of Hollywood royalty have received a memorable tongue-lashing.
    • As if that was not enough, I have also seen young, inexperienced service staff members being subjected to loud and harsh tongue-lashing by senior citizens.
    • He gave Murphy, the chief navigator, a ferocious tongue-lashing after the ship nearly smashed into some rocks in the middle of the night, the latest in a long string of nasty confrontations.
    • Oregonians who called, but weren't from Walden's district, apparently got a bit of a tongue-lashing.