Translation of tony in Spanish:


fino, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtəʊni//ˈtoʊni/

adjectivetonier, toniest


  • 1

    pijo Spain informal
    pituco Southern Cone informal
    popoff Mexico informal
    posudo Colombia informal
    • When Americans think of British television, they think of ‘quality’ news and tony entertainment shows.
    • Until recently, mache - also known as lamb's lettuce or corn salad and a longtime staple in France - could be found here mainly in tony restaurants and upscale markets.
    • There is everything in this discount store of literary ambitions, from the obligatory tony commentary to pathetic little passages of smut.
    • In the ensuing days Miller was celebrated in the tony newspapers and magazines as a latter-day Shakespeare.
    • Here, in tony Mount Washington, the residents sometimes complain too, but they seem to secretly like it this way because it adds to the hidden, rural character.
    • A child of the civil rights movement, she attended integrated schools and sends her son to one of Atlanta's tony private academies.
    • There's a fear that the valley may grow from a place where people of modest means can live and work into a tony enclave for wealthy second-home owners.
    • It's not just their ability to publish in so many tony outlets - it's the fact that they're more than a decade younger than me and publishing in so many tony outlets.
    • It markets its meat to tony Manhattan restaurants and gets top dollar.
    • A fire hydrant that prevented him and his wife from parking their SUV in front of their tony digs was removed by the city of Boston at his behest.
    • Likewise, locals with tony connections are packing their bags for ranches in Wyoming and mountain aeries in Colorado.
    • Little Dix Bay, a tony Rosewood resort on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, offers WiFi on its beaches.
    • All these years I lived here, and little did I know how much fun could be had for so little money in a town so famous for its tony ways.
    • They sent them to tony private schools, as well.
    • And what does it have to do with tony Monterey County, home of rugged shorelines, exclusive golf clubs and hundreds of acres of lettuce fields?
    • Fried chicken gets the respect it deserves at his tony restaurant.
    • So Allan, how do you explain the relative success at these tony places, all these expensive handbags and lotions and potions and so forth?
    • The expected glamour of the leading ladies was complemented by the tony dressing of guests who represented the full cultural mélange that is Houston.
    • In 1989, they were married in the tony paradise of Hobe Sound, Fla., where the bride's parents had moved after decades of living near Chicago.