Translation of tool in Spanish:


instrumento, n.

Pronunciation: /tul//tuːl/


  • 1

    instrumento masculine
    (workman's etc) herramienta feminine
    garden tools herramientas de jardinería
    • they are the tools of his trade son sus herramientas de trabajo
    • the use of unemployment as a political tool el uso del desempleo como instrumento político
    • to down tools dejar de trabajar
  • 2slang

    verga feminine vulgar slang
    polla feminine Spain vulgar slang
    pija feminine River Plate vulgar slang
    pico masculine Chile vulgar slang

transitive verb

  • 1

    (mold/pattern) hacer
    (mold/pattern) fabricar
    • There will be exhibitors offering garden furniture, pots, wickerwork, gardening tools and implements old and new, wrought ironwork and various craft stalls.
    • The company is involved in the manufacture of pocket knives and cutting tools for DIY and gardening.
    • And I got to use large numbers of power tools for a bit, which is always good.
    • Implements, tools, and equipment should be cleaned of soil and root debris before moving them to non-infested fields.
    • As well as advice on how to deal with bogus callers, securing property and the home, there will be tips on safeguarding gardening tools and machinery.
    • With the number of different tools used in this trade, knowledge of when and how to use the many implements is vital.
    • The divers teamed up in groups of two or three, and each group carried with them cutting tools and lift bags.
    • Clean and store outdoor lawn and patio furniture, gardening tools and barbecue equipment.
    • Each year a number of new gardening tools and gadgets become available.
    • He said items such as sports equipment and gardening tools become items of interest for potential thieves.
    • As well as financial contributions, the group is urging volunteer gardeners to come forward or offer donations of gardening tools and equipment.
    • This way of life was to change when metal became available for making tools and implements, in the latter part of the third millennium BC.
    • These products are household items such as kitchen appliances, gardening tools and children's toys.
    • A number of tools were stolen from sheds and the vandals uprooted vegetables and plants, throwing them around.
    • Next day I turned up again by taxi, carrying my bag of bike tools, and got out, prepared for a sweating quarter of an hour mending a bike when I should have been at work.
    • Dad had to borrow money to buy a set of tools for his apprenticeship.
    • There are loads of gardening gadgets and new tools around to tempt the unwary shopper, but in my view most of these novelties will not stand the test of time and you would be unlikely to find them still in use by this time next year.
    • Most rusty implements, tools and hooks can be restored to almost their original form by simply leaving them in plain white vinegar for several hours.
    • These tools may have functioned as hafted knives or scrapers.
    • There were hundreds of devices and tools inside the huge building.
  • 2

    (leather) trabajar
    (leather) labrar
    (leather) estampar