Translation of tooth powder in Spanish:

tooth powder

polvo dental, n.


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    polvo dental masculine
    • The following homemade natural tooth powder does a great job of polishing my teeth and leaves my mouth feeling clean and refreshed.
    • For sage tooth powder, grind a couple of handfuls of sage leaves with a handful of sea salt in a pestle and mortar.
    • The sponsors appeared during breaks with promos for products such as herbal tooth powder.
    • It comes as cheap tooth powder in India, a chalky flavored paste in China, and a trendy gel aimed at high-growth youth markets.
    • Oxfam has begun providing emergency food, clean water and hygiene packs - comprising soap, buckets, mugs, towels, tooth powder and sanitary towels - to 10,000 families in the worst affected areas of Kheda, Baroda and Amreli.
    • For his meeting with the Queen, though, he felt he had to hire, for four shillings, a specially long ‘full-bottom’ wig, as well as some tooth powder, so that his breath did not offend the royal presence.
    • His series of 12 advertisements for Japan's Smoca tooth powder is the best part of the exhibition.
    • Of the specific products, tobacco toothpaste (creamy snuff) and tooth powder (lal dant manjan) were common in all states (table).
    • We want for nothing save a candle to write by and tooth powder.
    • It is also served as an ingredient for several Ayurvedic medicines, including tooth powder.
    • Even toilet items such as ilathali, herbal oil, tooth powder and others are among the items on display here.
    • They included smoker's tooth powder, his shaver and polythene bags full of medications and the dreadful Brut aftershave.
    • Advertising tobacco, or tobacco-related products, such as snuff, chewing tobacco and even tooth powder containing tobacco, can mean two years' jail and, or a 1,000 rupee fine.