Translation of toothglass in Spanish:


vaso del baño, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtuːθɡlɑːs/


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    vaso del baño masculine
    • Again, there was no heated towel rack (I do like those) but there were two bathrobes - and a bathroom counter large enough to set more than a toothglass on.
    • This can be achieved by sealing the cleaning toilet with a toilet strip, by wrapping the washed tumbler in a new toothglass bag and by providing guests with items such as sanibags and tissues.
    • I am quite heartily sick of continental breakfasts, which mostly consist of second-rate pastry and bread, bad coffee, and fruit juices served in toothglasses.
    • The bedside table is known to him, and what rests on it: toothglass, bottle of grappa, ashtray, packet of cigarettes.
    • It would be childish to fill a toothglass with water and pour it under the door, I reprove myself.
    • ` I left her at a surgery,’ James said, picking up Leonard's toothglass and inspecting it for signs of toothpaste before pouring whisky into it. ` I'll go and see her tomorrow.
    • I had family staying with me over Christmas, and I had to warn them not to leave a full toothglass in the bathroom
    • In his own room he would never have exposed himself quite like this: the dirty toothglass, the towel on the bed.