Translation of toothpick in Spanish:


palillo (de dientes), n.

Pronunciation /ˈtuθˌpɪk//ˈtuːθpɪk/


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    palillo (de dientes) masculine
    escarbadientes masculine
    mondadientes masculine
    • Forrest silently toyed with the toothpick lodged between his lips.
    • Fork holders and toothpicks made out of bread work are commendable.
    • These pom-pom cocktail sticks are adorable - and so much more fun than just regular toothpicks for small bites of food.
    • Mix up some 1-hour epoxy, and work the goo into the holes with a small tool such as a toothpick.
    • Most everyone has witnessed the elementary science lesson of the toothpick in the avocado pit growing roots in a baby food jar.
    • Once the squid are ready, remove the toothpicks.
    • Pasita is a sweet alcohol served in shot glasses with a piece of cheese and a raisin on a toothpick.
    • Using toothpick, pin or point of knife, remove meat from shells and place in reserved liquid.
    • Hoss sat down at the table, removed the toothpick, and picked up a mug of beer.
    • Woodenware (spoons, various kitchen utensils, toothpicks, and sieves) was produced in several centers.
    • Remove and discard the toothpicks from the Brussels sprouts and set aside, keeping warm.
    • Max grinned slightly, turning around and removing the toothpick from his mouth.
    • The knife in my hands slipped when the wagon hit a rut, nicking a rogue gouge from the piece of wood I was absently whittling down to a toothpick.
    • He had a toothpick lodged in his mouth, as his walkman blasted out the most recent songs on the Tokyo top 50.
    • I asked her why she not only refused any food but rolled cigarettes the size of toothpicks.
    • Run a plastic toothpick or the end of a big sewing machine needle around the insignia and rings.
    • Allow the slices to cool; cut them into half-inch pieces and skewer with toothpicks.
    • Another technique was to use ordinary round wooden toothpicks as our primary tools.
    • Alternatively, dip a toothpick or sliver of wood in glue and break off the tip in the stripped hole, then reinstall the screw.
    • You can choose from a small pocketknife that has fewer functions, or a larger knife with endless functions, ranging from corkscrews to toothpicks.