There are 2 main translations of top in Spanish

: top1top2


parte superior, n.

Pronunciation /tɑp//tɒp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(highest part)

      parte superior feminine
      parte de arriba feminine
      (of mountain) cima feminine
      (of mountain) cumbre feminine
      (of mountain) cúspide feminine
      (of tree) copa feminine
      (of page) parte superior feminine
      (of head) coronilla feminine
      (of wave) cresta feminine
      from top to bottom de arriba abajo
      • from top to toe de pies a cabeza
      • he was standing at the top of the ladder/stairs estaba en lo alto de la escalera
      • a room at the top of the house una habitación en el último piso
      • his name is at the top of the list su nombre es el primero de la lista / encabeza la lista
      • he jumped from the top of the building se tiró desde el último piso (/ la azotea etc. ) del edificio
      • at the top of one's voice a grito pelado
      • off the top of one's head
      • I can't think of any of them off the top of my head no se me ocurre ninguno en este momento
      • talking off the top of my head I'd say between 5,000 and 6,000 a ojo de buen cubero te diría que entre 5.000 y 6.000
      • to be at the top of the tree estar en la cúspide
      • The redhead was more composed, sitting cross-legged in a way that only just allowed the kilt to cover the tops of her thighs, hands in her lap to prevent me getting a better view.
      • She made it to the top of the stairs and turned into a corridor and tapped on his door.
      • Leave the stock in a fridge or cool place, ideally overnight, so the stock turns to jelly and the fat sets hard on the top.
      • One day he carried my little trike to the top of the stairs and told me it would be great fun if I rode it to the bottom.
      • He tugged his hat down, covering the tops of his ears and his eyebrows.
      • Only a few healthy leaves will remain at the top of the plant until it eventually dies.
      • Although, it's getting noticeably warmer, the mountain tops are still covered in snow.
      • Grill the bread on both sides and spread the top thickly with mustard.
      • Meanwhile, Sabrina was nearing the top of the stairs.
      • I feel a few gentle taps on the top of my head, and look up to see a man looking down at me.
      • By the time I reached the top of the hill the object had disappeared.
      • He had been shot in the top of the right thigh and the bullet was still in his leg.
      • He kissed the top of her head and put his other arm around her.
      • No one spoke for a while until they reached the top of a hill.
      • He kissed the top of my head and ran his hand over my hair.
      • His eyes shot up to the tops of the trees and widened.
      • It was Ellen, standing at the top of the stairs with her arms crossed in front of her.
      • Cut a cross in the top of each fig and press its shoulders with your fingers and thumbs so that it opens out like a flower.
      • Fill the moulds to just under the top, and bake for 7 to 8 minutes or until puffed up and springy to the touch.
      • The two policemen positioned themselves at the top of an escalator, drew their batons and shouted at the fans to get back.

    • 1.2British

      (of bed, table) cabecera feminine
      (of road) final masculine
      • I looked up towards the top of the road and saw a silver Mercedes haring down.
      • Even worse, because it is a wide pavement they will use this and drive straight up to the top of the road irrespective of pedestrians.
      • We walked up to the top of our road and eventually turned the corner onto the next street.
      • Apparently someone out there beyond the top of Morningside Road wants to demutualise the whole thing.
      • He drove to the top of Savannah Road, where he came upon a van and jeep.

    • 1.3(highest rank, position)

      he's/she's top of the class es el primero/la primera de la clase
      • she came top of the class in English sacó la mejor nota de la clase en inglés
      • our team reached the top of the league nuestro equipo se colocó a la cabeza de la liga
      • their record is (at the) top of the charts su disco es el número uno de la lista de éxitos
      • he worked his way to the top se abrió camino hasta la cima de su profesión
      • there are going to be changes at the top va a haber cambios en los estratos más altos

  • 2

    • 2.1(upper part)

      the table has a marble top el tablero de la mesa es de mármol
      • the top of the milk crema que se acumula en el cuello de la botella de leche
      • I get 25% off the top me llevo el 25% de los beneficios brutos
      • to float/rise to the top salir a la superficie
      • he's very pleasant, but he hasn't got much up top es muy agradable, pero un poco corto de luces

    • 2.2(rim, edge)

      borde masculine
      fill the glass to the very top llena el vaso hasta el borde
      • she peered at me over the top of her glasses me miró por encima de los anteojos

    • 2.3

      a blue top to match the skirt una blusa (/ un suéter / un top etc. ) que haga juego con la falda
      • the bikini top la parte de arriba del bikini
      • the dress has a patterned top el cuerpo del vestido es estampado
      • I became the reluctant owner of another pair of trousers, a new top, and a couple of T-shirts.
      • Police are keen to speak to, or receive information on, a man in a red-hooded top who was standing near to the incident.
      • They were both wearing short skirts and halter tops.
      • For dresses, blouses, tops, vests, jackets and coats choose the pattern size by the bust or upper-bust measurement.
      • Candy-coloured stripes will be appearing on tops, shirts, skirts and trousers in time for the warmer weather, offering a fun twist for casual wear this summer.
      • What stood out here were the beautifully cut swimsuits and the form-fitting tops and skirts.
      • For fall, there will be jeans, tops, sweaters and cords.
      • Dark gray and black leather sneakers are ideal since they'll match most combinations of trousers and tops.
      • It's a new line of dresses, skirts, and tops that can be worn in many different ways.
      • I'd put on a pair of tracksuit trousers and a hooded top, but my hair was still bundled up in a towel.
      • All three men were wearing white jogging trousers and hooded tops.
      • Then there were normal T-shirts and miniskirts and shorts and jeans and tops and strapless things, and a lot of jewellery.
      • Jersey makes a big comeback this season in tops, skirts and trousers.
      • They were all wearing hooded tracksuit tops and aged between seven and 13.
      • She wears short skirts and tight tops, has a tattoo, likes to ride a motorbike and call herself by a Swedish name, Sara.
      • Maggie had just finished tying her pink bikini top when the knocking began at her door.
      • They taught us to match our eye shadow to our tops.
      • You can split up the suit and wear the jacket and skirt separately with other tops and bottoms to stretch your wardrobe.
      • There were a few sets of tiny shorts, but mostly the wardrobe consisted of short skirts, skimpy tops and a few dresses.
      • The two teenagers are described as being slight, about 5ft 9ins and wearing light hooded tops with dark trousers and trainers.
      • Every body shape imaginable was squeezed into super short skirts and super tight tops with plunging necklines.
      • Wear insect repellent on your skin and clothes and cover your skin as much as possible by wearing trousers and tops with long sleeves.

    • 2.4

      (feminine plural) (of carrots etc) hojas
      (of green beans etc) rabillo masculine
      • The light should always be kept two to three inches from the tops of the seedlings and they should be exposed for approximately 15 or more hours a day.
      • Cut back perennials to within 8 to 10 inches of the ground after the tops die back or leave them uncut for protection against the cold.
      • When the tops of the carrots grow thicker, thin them to about two to three inches apart.
      • Clematis prefer a neutral to slightly alkaline soil, so add lime if your soil is on the acidic side. Keep the roots shaded and the tops in sun.
      • All of the above aquatic plants grow with roots submerged and tops floating on the water, but some aquatics actually float, roots and all, like little boats.
      • Remove the tops of the beets and set aside to use in another dish.
      • Marijuana or marihuana is a drug obtained from the flowering tops, stems, and leaves of the hemp plant (cannabis sativa).
      • Roots are harvested in the fall when the tops have gone to seed and the plants have experienced a couple of hard frosts.
      • Be sure to pinch back the flowering tops of basil plants to keep them from going to seed too early in the season.
      • To frill the ends, cut off the roots and all but about three inches of the green tops.
      • The tops were planted where the sailors landed and by the late 1500s, pineapple was widespread in the tropics.
      • Harvest the bulbs when the tops fall over, and dry them off in the sun or a shed for at least a week before removing the tops.
      • To prepare radishes for serving, wash them to remove any lingering dirt, and pinch or slice off the tops and any hairy roots.
      • Add mulch to control soil temperatures and insulate roots in winter; the tops may freeze.
      • It is made from the leaves and flowering tops of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa, which contains psychoactive substances called cannabinoids.

  • 3

    as adverb on top encima
    • take the one on top toma el/la de encima / arriba
    • with a cherry on top con una cereza encima / arriba
    • there's VAT on top además / encima hay que agregarle el IVA
    • he can't stay on top for ever no puede ser siempre el primero
    • he's getting a bit thin on top se está quedando calvo
    • to come out on top salir ganando
  • 4

    as preposition on top of encima de
    • on top of the piano encima del piano
    • the chalet is built on top of a hill el chalet está en la cima / en lo alto de una colina
    • the tent collapsed on top of us la tienda se nos cayó encima
    • you don't see it until it's right on top of you uno no lo ve hasta que no lo tiene encima
    • we'd be living right on top of each other acabaríamos los unos encima de los otros
    • on top of this you have to pay ... además / encima tienes que pagar ...
    • it's just been one thing on top of another ha sido una cosa detrás de otra / una cosa tras otra
    • he's always on top of his work siempre tiene el trabajo al día
    • I feel more on top of things now ahora me siento más seguro
    • they finally managed to get on top of the situation al final consiguieron controlar la situación
    • don't let things get on top of you no dejes que las preocupaciones te abrumen
    • to feel on top of the world estar contentísimo
    • and on top of it all / on top of all that, she lost her job y encima / para colmo / como si esto fuera poco, se quedó sin trabajo
  • 5

    • 5.1(exaggerated)

      the costumes were way over the top los trajes eran una exageración
      • I feel she went rather over the top in her recommendations creo que se pasó un poco con sus consejos
      • Results from Vodafone's mobile phone recycling scheme show that Sligo and Cork are tops when it comes to mobile phone recycling.
      • Cork Harlequins are rated tops in the country for they have a sweet balance of skill and power in their team.

    • 5.2

      over-the-top exagerado

  • 6

    • 6.1(cover, cap)

      (of jar, box) tapa feminine
      (of jar, box) tapón masculine Spain
      (of bottle) tapa feminine
      (of pen) capuchón masculine
      (of pen) capucha feminine
      to blow one's top (get angry) explotar informal
      • Put the top back on, and turn on the kettle.
      • He visited a number of sites in Kearsley, including the subway around Kearsley roundabout, and left small corks and bottle tops lying on the ground.
      • Put the top back on and let the kids open it up to see what is inside.
      • Please ensure that all tops and labels are removed and that containers are washed out.
      • Stopper corks with plastic tops are used for some wines, particularly fortified wines and some sweet wines, a single bottle of which may be consumed over an extended period.
      • Beer bottle tops will do nicely, if you can't bring yourself to use your Royal College cuff links or the earrings you bought on your most recent trip to Monte Carlo.
      • For his finale, Mark used lightning speed to remove the bottle tops.
      • This is the ‘fizz’ that you hear when you take the top off the bottle.
      • He opened his own can with a hiss of escaping gas as Crystal removed the top of her water bottle.

    • 6.2(car roof)

      capota feminine

  • 7also top gear

    to go into/be in top (gear) meter la/estar en directa
  • 8tops pl

    to be (the) tops ser fantástico


  • 1

    (layer) de arriba
    (layer) superior
    (card/blanket) de arriba
    (step) último
    the top shelf/drawer el estante/cajón de arriba
    • she lives on the top floor vive en el último piso
    • the top left-hand corner of the page la esquina superior izquierda de la página
    • I'll do the top coat tomorrow mañana le doy la última mano
    • she couldn't reach top C no pudo dar el do de pecho
  • 2

    (temperature/speed) máximo
    (speed/temperature) tope
    top gear directa feminine
  • 3

    to be top quality ser de primera calidad
    • the service is top class el servicio es de primera
    • the top end of the market los sectores de mayor poder adquisitivo
  • 4

    (in ranked order)
    our top priority is ... nuestra prioridad absoluta es ...
    • the Top 40 los 40 principales en Esp
  • 5

    among the top scientists entre los científicos más destacados
    • the top jobs los mejores puestos
    • the top salaries los sueldos más altos
  • 6

    he's in top management es un alto ejecutivo
    • a top official un alto funcionario
    • she has a top post at the embassy tiene un cargo importante en la embajada
    • the top table la mesa principal

transitive verb

  • 1

    unemployment topped the 3 million mark el índice de desempleo superó / rebasó los 3 millones
  • 2

    (offer/achievement) superar
    to top it all (más) encima
    • and to top it all, he forgot the tickets y para coronarlo / para colmo / (más) encima se olvidó de las entradas
    • the Tigers topped the Mariners 6-2 los Tigers se impusieron a los Mariners por 6 a 2
  • 3

    (league/list) encabezar
    she's topping the bill encabeza el reparto
  • 4

    (reach summit of)
    (mountain/hill) llegar a la cima de
  • 5

    (column/building) rematar
    (building/column) coronar
    topped with chocolate/cheese con chocolate/queso por encima
  • 6

    (pineapple) cortarle la parte superior a
    (tree) mochar

reflexive verb

  • 1USinformal

    (surpass oneself)
  • 2Britishslang

    (commit suicide)

There are 2 main translations of top in Spanish

: top1top2


trompo, n.

Pronunciation /tɑp//tɒp/


spinning top

  • 1

    trompo masculine
    peonza feminine
    • Boys play marbles, spin tops, fly kites, and play such games as kabaddi (team wrestling).
    • I was worried and wondered what he had experienced when the angels spun him like a top.
    • Favourites from Victorian times, including building blocks, spinning tops and toy prams and dolls, are also on view.
    • Another offering is from toy giant Hasbro with spinning tops made of five parts known as ‘Beyblades’.
    • Their defensemen were getting spun like tops by the great one-on-one talent at the World Cup.
    • We liked hurling tops and see them spin, jump and hiss.
    • They bounced off another outcrop and spun like tops down the scree below.
    • But the tops are useless without a launcher, costing another £3.99, which spins the tops into each other at high speed.
    • Kids are bound to fall in love with the tiny magic tops, which turn around after starting to spin, spinning tops with strings and toothpicks with colourful, painted heads.
    • Then, after the war, increasing affluence brought more toys for children - tin soldiers, tops, and dolls made of an exciting new material called plastic.
    • Gabriel tugged and tugged at me until I was running alongside him; he was cackling like a drunken fool, and he grabbed both my hands and spun us around like tops.
    • Instead he stuck to cars, drawing trees or spinning things, like tops.
    • He had fallen in love, Mary's beauty and her assent to his affections spinning him like a top.
    • Another guest describes a patient who thought he was a spinning top, or teetotum, and liked to spin around, at which the guest prepares to demonstrate before being interrupted by another table guest who whispers into his ear.
    • The quarks, in essence, spin like tops, as do the neutrons and protons themselves.
    • Bedi spun it like a top, the ball occasionally taking a divot out of the wet mud that passed for a wicket.
    • Atoms have spin; replace the tops with atoms and now you're imagining a basic quantum computer!
    • Louise is also hoping to branch out and offer party bags, ice-cream tubs in the summer and traditional toys, such as yo-yos and spinning tops.
    • There are carefree drawings from the early 1950s in which women spin like tops, or lounge like courtesans.
    • Then they flew down the circular steps so fast that their little bodies were still spinning like tops as they swirled out the front door and into the yard.