Translation of top copy in Spanish:

top copy

original, n.


  • 1

    original masculine
    ejemplar original masculine
    • I'll be back from Kansas next Wednesday morning, so no excuse not to send in some top copy from the novice weekend or any other caving exploits.
    • Where an exact-copy replication process is used, i.e. ‘Xeroxing or from a carbon paper’, it is generally unnecessary to compare the original or top copy with the copies: R. v.
    • So, if the post or the publisher lost the top copy of your ms, you were back to square one.
    • In subsequent exams those candidates had to make carbon copies of the answers and the top copy only was sent overseas.
    • So when you put those ads up there in what used to be the top copy spot, be aware - it's clutter, and advertising where it doesn't belong, plain and simple.
    • In addition, by this time the top copy and the file copy of the referral letter, and the envelope addressed to Morriston Hospital, had been placed in the file and were included in the file as sent for the record.
    • Dashed lines joining the two gene duplicates indicate the potential intron loss in the bottom copy relative to the top copy.
    • I sign the receipt and give her the top copy, along with the pen.
    • When staff were busy again he would drop it back over the counter and come back with the top copy to claim his cash, calmly telling staff: ‘I think I have a winner.’
    • Eric did not want the top copy of the credit card slip so I took it and said to him: ‘I'm very, very sorry, but would you mind signing your autograph for me?’
    • Irving has attempted, without success, to obtain the top copy from the US National Archives.
    • The goods were there, glowing slightly, and one or two hands made a grab for the top copies.
    • Only the face of the ECPO was faxed, but the whole top copy was sent by post thereafter marked ‘Order Confirmation’.
    • On 16 December 1998 the Club's London office sent to Dolphin Maritime Services Ltd, the agents for the cargo interests, a signed top copy of the LOU.
    • When staff were again busy he would drop it back over the counter and come back with the top copy to claim his winnings.
    • When staff were again busy he would tear the top copy off and drop the carbon copy over the counter.