Translation of top secret in Spanish:

top secret

secreto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌtɒpˈsiːkrɪt/


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    • It was a photocopy of a top-secret memorandum for restricted circulation at the Mussoorie IAS Academy.
    • He handled - and secretly photographed - top-secret military documents that crossed his desk.
    • Details of the operation were first revealed in The Observer on the eve of war last year, after the leaking of a top-secret memo from the NSA requesting British help.
    • Because of the top-secret nature of the mission, the sinking went unreported and the sailors had to endure four days and nights in the water.
    • On Saturday morning, I slipped into and out of a top-secret area of the lab while guards sat, unaware, less than a hundred yards away.
    • I knew they couldn't because a few days before their president had provided me with a top-secret document from the computer.
    • We were going on a top-secret mission and here were me and Jake acting like two little kids.
    • My own top-secret sources are telling me even bigger news: All nine Justices will leave the Court, at least eventually.
    • You will be sent on top-secret, potentially dangerous missions all around the world.
    • The crew of a U.S. submarine is sent on a top-secret mission to board a disabled German U-boat and steal a secret encoding device.
    • Plus, how often did he get to go on super cool rescue missions in top-secret mutant laboratories?
    • The British inquiry will meet in private and although the final report will be published, top-secret material will be blanked out.
    • It is in the middle of the night, and Kalyia is returning from a top-secret and dangerous mission.
    • A new book has revealed more about a little-known aspect of wartime Yorkshire - top-secret tests on weapons and experimental aircraft.
    • But getting hold of the top-secret report would not be easy.
    • This year he fulfilled a long-held ambition to work with Allen, playing an undisclosed role in a top-secret project about the art world, filmed in London.
    • The top-secret project was so hush-hush they were barred from even taking photographs.
    • The real reason he is never free to visit you isn't because the CIA forbids him from leaving his top-secret mission in Uruguay.
    • The two countries are also ready to exchange official letters, so Canada will be able to receive top-secret information on the U.S. scheme.
    • A top-secret MoD report following the Gulf War in 1991 revealed that the weapon ‘could not cope with the sand’.