Translation of topknot in Spanish:


moño, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɑpˌnɑt//ˈtɒpnɒt/


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    moño masculine
    rodete masculine River Plate
    chongo masculine Mexico
    • She dressed for comfort, usually in slacks and sweater, with her red hair caught up in a topknot.
    • Crimping of the bangs will add texture and fullness to the front of your face while crimping of a topknot or ponytail will add height.
    • However, we can easily guess his social status from his elaborate coiffure: in the manner of high-ranking men, his hair is done up in a topknot, kept in place by an ornamental hairpin.
    • She unfastened the velvet choker from her throat, gathered her hair up, and used the choker to tie her hair into a brushy topknot, then pulled her dress off over her head and dropped it into the bin.
    • His hair is oiled and groomed into a beehive topknot; his high, unfurrowed forehead is punctuated with a round caste mark.
    • By 1668, the term had shifted to chamorro, because Chamorro men often wore a topknot of hair on an otherwise shaved scalp.
    • Only one other child - a weeping boy - looked up as her face, framed by long dark hair piled in a topknot, appeared at the window.
    • The men carry short swords in blunt-tipped scabbards slung around their necks, wear their hair in topknots and sport complicated, swirling facial tattoos.
    • Skerry is already sitting, wolfing things down, her blue hair up in a precarious topknot and a few scattered braids.
    • They all wore their hair long, generally in a topknot.
    • She had a soft Irish accent and a mop of light brown hair twisted into a loose topknot.
    • Many of them keep long hairs arranged as a topknot known as dhammil in their community but not all of them keep their hair in the same style.
    • The hairstyle for men in Okinawa (as well as Japan) prior to the modern era was to tie long hair in a knot on top of the head and secure it with a single hairpin, as shown here, or with two hairpins pushed through the topknot from different angles.
    • Sword-bearing was restricted to the army, and the characteristic topknot hairstyle forbidden.
    • Cassandra started wearing her brown hair in a topknot ponytail as it grew to her lower back.
    • Unlike most samurai, he did not wear a topknot, but instead kept his hair long and flowing, tied back in a horse's tail at the nape of his neck.
    • A small girl, oblivious of the tiny drama, toys with the float of the lady's hair, which has slipped from her topknot, perhaps as a result of her admirer's tentative advance.
    • Kings and Gods both wear their hair in beehive topknots and sit cross-legged gazing down from their gaddis under crimson parasols, as the courtiers feast, and dancing girls celebrate their victories over the enemy.
    • A crown of sapphires sat on her honey colored hair, which was pulled into a fancy topknot.
    • Murry had lost his topknot hair, and in a bid to conceal his scalp, he appeared to have grown a cover crop of spindly strands at the nape of his neck that reached, when he combed them up and over, all the way to his forehead.

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