Translation of topmost in Spanish:


más alto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtɑpˌmoʊst//ˈtɒpməʊst/


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    (shelf/branch) más alto
    (shelf/branch) de más arriba
    (layer) superior
    talks at the topmost international level conversaciones al más alto nivel internacional
    • The topmost level contains facilities for doctors on call.
    • The flood apparently started when someone used excessive force to flush a shared toilet on the fourth and topmost floor of the building.
    • Unfortunately, a stapled set of pages are shown just by the miniature of the one page which happens to be the topmost in the pile.
    • Indeed, photosynthesis in the topmost leaves, at about 360 feet, scarcely occurs at all.
    • We can study only the topmost part of the atmosphere of these planets directly.
    • The banyan tree stood above all, its topmost branch trying to reach out to the sky.
    • Those cues continue inside, right up to the exposed roof trusses on the topmost floor.
    • The topmost cave appears to have entombed high-ranking individuals.
    • He thus followed her one dark Saturday night to the topmost tower of their castle.
    • Racing to the Ferris wheel, Pete glanced up at the topmost cage.
    • Circulation is from the top downwards, with visitors transported up through the atrium in a bank of lifts to the starting point of the exhibition route on the topmost floor.
    • He could see the walled orchard, the sun glinting on the topmost leaves of the apple trees.
    • Each atoll is the topmost point of a submarine pillar of limestone extending several thousand feet from an extinct volcano.
    • Dark clouds were already piling in the north, and wind was beginning to whip the topmost branches of the trees by the barn.
    • Resting there, and holding on to the topmost pinnacle with his left hand, he drives his sword in three or four times, repeatedly.
    • Our campfire we put on the topmost ridge, giving us an expansive, heart-lifting view toward the west.
    • Its location on the topmost floor of the Metro Centre should symbolically put the centre on top of council affairs.
    • The choicest and strongest tea is made of the topmost and tenderest buds of the plant.
    • The olive trees on the topmost terrace look tousled; the silver undersides of their leaves are far more visible than usual.
    • This one limits itself entirely to the topmost tier.