Translation of topography in Spanish:


topografía, n.

Pronunciation /təˈpɒɡrəfi//təˈpɑɡrəfi/


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    topografía feminine
    • Talpacific Holidays is putting the boot into New Zealand with escorted walking tours through some of the country's most spectacular topography and active wildlife areas.
    • It lies on a chalk knoll, its natural topography having been sculptured and modelled through successive phases of construction and reconstruction.
    • The weather and seasons in the Greater Middle East, and related matters of terrain and topography, present a very mixed and varied picture.
    • In most of the landscape, these form areas of relatively featureless topography as they are easily eroded.
    • Squares and rectangles are the main planning module and these warp into parallelograms to accommodate the natural topography.
    • The crescent of land that crowns Michigan's lower peninsula offers perfect topography, soil, views and weather.
    • The site plan responds to the site's topography, respecting natural arroyos and ridges.
    • They also recognize a broad variety of contexts, including physical topography, other human landscape artefacts and religious or cultural beliefs about the landscape.
    • Vernal pools are shallow depressions in the natural topography that have hard pan, impermeable hard pan, beneath them and when the winter rains come they fill with water.
    • This use of the available topography provided natural insulation that kept the cellars an even, cool temperature.
    • However, there is a potential for increased tourism because of the natural beauty and varied topography and because the country is unspoiled and inexpensive.
    • The reservoir is an example of using natural topography for rainwater harvesting.
    • The islands' topography includes such diverse features as active volcanos, grassy pastures, and endless stretches of beach.
    • Its blast was bigger than ‘Little Boy's’ but its impact was reduced by the natural topography of the city.
    • Situated 20 km from the centre of Budapest in rolling countryside, the track climbs and falls around the natural topography.
    • To evade mountain lions and other predators they need both steep topography and open terrain.
    • ‘It was a great site to work with, with natural topography and sand and gravel, which really allowed us to go crazy,’ said Eitelman.
    • Of course, Stane Street was not totally straight: it had to take into account the undulations and natural barriers of British topography.
    • The volcanic vista in Lava Lake also features designed topography, including striped atolls from which astronautlike figures survey the swirling red seas of their planet.
    • At the time, project planners were hell-bent on sticking a shopping center underneath the school, and they carved away much of the natural topography in the process.