Translation of topspin in Spanish:


topspin, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɒpspɪn//ˈtɑpˌspin/


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    topspin masculine
    efecto topspin masculine
    to put topspin on a ball pegarle a la pelota con (efecto) topspin
    • The topspin seems to be preventing lift that gets the ball over the infielders and outfielders.
    • Well most kids I know are better adjusted than that, and know very well that spending five hours a day practising topspin won't bring them happiness and fulfilment - whereas an hour a week followed by a can of fizzy pop might be quite fun.
    • There's backspin, volleys, drop-shots, lobs and, of course, topspin - to recreate that element of surprise.
    • He does not just play heavy topspin, he is very versatile.
    • Rebecca went to retrieve the ball, which I had hit hard, with tons of topspin, into her left corner.
    • This supposed injustice is another piece of classic El Tel topspin.
    • And it held the ball on the strings longer, allowing athletes to impart greater topspin on the ball than they would with a normal topspin stroke.
    • At the same time, I wanted her right forearm to roll over as if she were hitting a forehand topspin shot in tennis.
    • When you do it right, the sensation is like hitting a topspin Ping-Pong shot with your left hand.
    • The ferocious topspin he used achieved depth while keeping a much wider margin for error than a flat stroke.
    • To me, feel in action is a tennis player sizing up a passing shot and in a split-second choosing either to break off a sharp topspin angler or completely fool his opponent with a soft, carefully placed lob.
    • Isn't it impossible to create topspin and get a ball airborne?
    • You can put backspin, topspin, sidespin, all the spin you can put!
    • Once you have all that down, you can still learn how to react to the wind, and whether to use topspin, backspin, or sidespin.
    • This topspin caused the mallet to drive the ball downward into the ground, thus significantly increasing the force generated by the forearm flexors.
    • The topspin on a curveball pushes the ball down.
    • Add to that a dash of agility, some heavy topspin, touch, and a dollop of intelligence and there you have it: the most complete player to emerge from Spain in decades.
    • It will pop up, jump over the rough with topspin and roll to the hole.
    • Watch dated film of players pre-Laver, and the game seems so effete, but he brought in power and the use of topspin with a supreme combination of force and finesse.
    • When an opponent comes to the net, he likes to hit a dipping topspin shot, which forces the other guy to volley, rather than trying for an outrageous angle.