Translation of torchbearer in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtɔrtʃˌbɛrər//ˈtɔːtʃˌbɛːrə/


  • 1

    persona que porta una antorcha
    (of a movement, ideology) abanderado masculine
    (of a movement, ideology) abanderada feminine
    • This unique group are the torch-bearers of the traditional culture of these celebrated and almost mythical islands of the West of Ireland.
    • While the prospects for a successful challenge through the courts or via the FA appear increasingly forlorn, the south-west London torch-bearers undoubtedly have one major advantage: commercial clout.
    • Tonight, as the body of Pope John Paul II lies in state, the world continues to mourn this remarkable man, a torch-bearer of peace and a bridge-builder between faiths, someone who inspired so many.
    • They were the people who were to become - within a decade - the torch-bearers of Celtic Tiger Ireland.
    • Their catalog is exceedingly effects-laden, perhaps too experimental for pop purists, but much too tuneful for diehard psychedelic torch-bearers.
    • The country to show that it has embraced democracy should be a torch-bearer in promoting dialogue.
    • The refreshingly younger torch-bearers of York jazz continue their regular jam sessions on Sunday night at the Black Swan, Peasholme Green.
    • The tabloids - bless those torch-bearers of journalistic integrity - called it outrageous and sleazy.
    • Many torch-bearers of human rights and social activists paid the price of fearlessly treading the path of political justice with their lives.
    • Writers, who are considered as the torch-bearers of modernism in Malayalam literature, were launched almost at the same time.
    • The insistence on the exclusion of English has become, as of now, a sort of status symbol, a touchstone of supremacy and learning, to many of our linguistic torch-bearers, not to speak of their avowed predilection for regionalism.
    • But they are wrong to believe he was a torch-bearer of post-existentialist philosophy.
    • That said, Pop's jam sessions with today's torch-bearers aren't, as one would fear, pathetic indicators of a musical mid-life crisis.
    • Local legends invariably eulogize a small band of the faithful who arrive as torch-bearers of the faith in the hostile terrain and face the resistance of the infidel populace.
    • In a sport beset by serious doping problems, he was always regarded as a torch-bearer.
    • A bright-eyed and smiling torch-bearer, she leads the only private, non-profit organisation devoted to on-site conservation of monuments and sites worldwide.
    • Vedanta and KCM, being the good partners they have proved, should be torch-bearers in helping realise such a dream.
    • Despite her own courageous fundraising, her thoughts turned afterwards to other torch-bearers she had met, including the ex-boxer who was left brain-damaged after a fight 13 years ago.
    • They are convicted and must, if the US people are to reclaim their until now unchallenged position as torch-bearers for a better world, be booted out of office at the earliest opportunity.
    • Her role has been that of a supporter and torch-bearer of all issues regarding others, except her.