Translation of torment in Spanish:


tormento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɔrmɛnt//ˈtɔːmɛnt/


  • 1

    tormento masculine
    these shoes are an absolute torment estos zapatos son un tormento / un martirio / un suplicio
    • to be in torment sufrir lo indecible
    • he went through torment(s) when she left him sufrió lo indecible cuando lo dejó

transitive verb

  • 1

    (tease) martirizar
    tormented by remorse atormentado por los remordimientos
    • I swear they enjoyed tormenting us kids, making us go up and down the staircases so often just to get to our next classes in about three minutes.
    • The two jocks got up and went to go torment the kid.
    • The permanently enraged Pierre torments his students with physical bullying and childish tantrums - at one point, he even throws himself out of class - and has successfully turned them all into quivering neurotics.
    • Bullies are increasingly using phones with built-in cameras to torment their victims.
    • We torment them; we increase the damage they have already suffered.
    • It should be obvious that psychologically and physically tormenting a prisoner is illegal in the United States.
    • This is true whether he's dealing with the tyrannically needy Louise, or the popular kids who torment them both at school.
    • Unfortunately, in spite of some progress, many of these kids are still tormented and teased.
    • The kids torment him and pick on him and turn him into an outcast.
    • He lives a miserable life, tormented by his aunt and uncle and his spoiled cousin.
    • But what about the third-rate, Deliverance style hicks tormenting the kids?
    • The only reason he had put it on in the first place was because some kids in Colorado got sick of being pushed around and shot the kids that tormented them.
    • Some are described as mischievous or ‘cheeky’ and like to annoy and torment people by taking things away or hiding them.
    • I only tell you this to assure you that many Mac people are near and dear to me and I would never do anything intentionally to taunt, tease or torment any of you.
    • Many times in school, kids had tormented her because of the sheltered upbringing, and she always proudly defended it as necessary.
    • It's frustrating enough to encounter a big setback, so why torment the kids with snakes.
    • Think back to your highschool days and recall the most nerdy, goofy, awkward kid that you and your jock friends bullied around and tormented each and every year.
    • Soon enough, Tucker shows up late one night to torment the anguished adolescent about their relationship.
    • I say, make the parents sign a declaration that their kids will refrain from tormenting the adults and keep well away.
    • Even after he had kidnapped and tormented the kid, he had still gone on to worldwide fame.