Translation of torpedo in Spanish:


torpedo, n.

Pronunciation /tɔrˈpidoʊ//tɔːˈpiːdəʊ/


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    torpedo masculine
    • All aircraft dropped their bombs or torpedoes over the target, but on the return leg Beaufort A9-217 lost contact with the rest of the squadron and failed to return.
    • The orbital missile silos started as well, firing volleys of pirion torpedoes at the ships.
    • U.S. submarines fired 14,748 torpedoes, sinking 214 warships and 1,178 merchant vessels.
    • The submarine can carry up to 18 missiles or torpedoes.
    • The ship has ten torpedo tubes for 20 Vodopad-NK anti-submarine missiles or torpedoes.
    • The ADF currently uses Mk46 Mod 1 Phase 11 and Mk 46 Mod 5a torpedoes from ships and aircraft.
    • It's about 450 feet long, longer than other attack boats due to a hull extension, and it's designed to carry torpedoes and cruise missiles.
    • She says that most divers in the South know the wreck of HMS Hood, the battleship which was sunk in 1914 across the south ship channel of Portland Harbour to stop U-boats firing torpedoes at ships inside.
    • We also do not think there is anything wrong with ‘unrestricted’ submarine warfare - meaning a submarine firing its torpedoes without warning.
    • The uncloaked ships fired off their torpedoes and took out a portion of the enemy fleet.
    • Two torpedo tubes are designed for firing remote-controlled torpedoes with a very high accuracy.
    • Osyss fired another volley of torpedoes at the Hybrid ship.
    • The maximum weapons payload is 1,781 kg and weapon options include missiles, torpedoes, rockets and bombs.
    • There are homing rockets, underwater torpedoes, water mines and cannon shells plus a few others to hunt down enemy boats.
    • By understanding how dolphins move in the water, perhaps they could improve torpedo, ship and submarine designs.
    • Carrying submarine bombs, torpedoes and Harpoon missiles, it can offer outstanding surface and submarine detection equipment, and it has more applications than a submarine.
    • As the torpedo reaches the closest distance to the target, a magnetic proximity fuse and an impact fuse detonates the warhead.
    • There had been no time to think as Matt and Jerry drove toward the harbor because the closer they got they saw the sky filled with zeros as they flew in low over the ships and dropped their torpedoes.
    • The submarine has the capacity to carry 14 missiles and torpedoes in a mixed load.
    • This is guided to the submarine position where it drops a parachute-retarded torpedo, or depth charge, from a height of 400 feet.
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    sándwich hecho con una barra entera de pan

transitive verb

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    (ship/submarine) torpedear
    (plan) torpedear
    (plan) tirar abajo